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He’s So Darn Good The Competition Wants to Steal Him

The moment I entered the door he looked at me and smiled. “Good morning, welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts. Are you looking for a great cup of coffee today?” the attendant said.  He already had me smiling.  “Yes please”, I answered. No wonder why the competition wants to steal him!

This is not a promotion for Duncan Donuts.  It’s just to acknowledge a great employee that works at one of its many stores.  It’s a privilege to have great employees.  When your competition tries to lure them away from you, take that as a badge of honor.  You know they’re good. Your competition knows they’re good. And best of all your customers know they’re good. That’s why they keep coming back for more.

Unless you sell such a unique product or service that you cannot find anywhere else:Your customers come back to your business for one reason – they enjoy doing business with you.CLICK TO TWEET

Maybe your store is an architectural gem or has the latest technology. Maybe it’s located in the trendiest part of town or owned by the hottest celebrity.  That’s great but that’s not enough. The employees are the lifeblood of any business.

Hire the best and pay them well. Train them until their skills are second to none.CLICK TO TWEET

Then set them free and stand back and watch.

Does Your Competition Want to Steal Your Best Employees?

Watch the interaction between employees and customers.  Notice the sincere smiles that flow freely.  See the extra effort given when an umbrella is left under a table and your server strides out the door to return it.  Listen to the accolades when a customer mentions that he keeps coming back because of a specific employee and how he makes him feel special.

This is the emotional part of business.  This is why we work so hard to make memories!  That is the true meaning of customer service…

Now it’s your turn to develop employees so darn good that your competition wants to steal them. A little effort goes a long way. A great effort becomes unforgettable.

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