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Forney’s Flavorful Findings: Texas’ Top 5 Italian Restaurants


Embark on a delectable journey through the heart of Forney, where a tantalizing array of flavors awaits. 

Discover the hidden gems and popular dining spots in Forney that perfectly capture the essence of Italian cuisine in our article, “Italian Restaurants in Forney You Must Try.” 

From quaint trattorias to upscale ristorantes, every restaurant provides a unique blend of tradition and creativity, ensuring a delightful experience for your palate.

Come along with us as we explore the delightful aromas, exquisite artistry, and inviting ambiance that characterize Forney’s Italian dining scene. Get ready for an exceptional culinary journey, where every bite tells a story of culinary passion.

1. Napoli’s Forney Italian Bistro

Location: 780 E US Hwy 80, Forney, TX 75126
Contact number: (972) 564-0336
Description: A popular establishment known for its delicious Italian cuisine, specializing in chicken dishes and pasta.

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, situated in the heart of Forney, is a true gem in the culinary scene, offering customers an exquisite experience with its authentic Italian cuisine and exceptional service. 

The atmosphere is fantastic, with soft music and subtle lighting creating a cozy setting perfect for both families and friends. Despite occasional waits and a slightly higher price point than the surrounding region, the quality of the cuisine, from the expertly constructed pizza to the distinctive Italian sauces, justifies the expense.

Napolis’ menu offers a wide range of options, from the renowned spaghetti & meatballs to the flavorful stuffed mushrooms and the delicious “Edgar Special” calzone. 

Each dish promises to transport you to Italy with its authentic flavors. The crew, particularly George, receives praise for their attentiveness, even during peak hours at the restaurant. 

Napolis stands out not only for its delectable cuisine, but also for the warm and inviting ambiance it exudes, ensuring that every visit is a one-of-a-kind experience.

2. MOD Pizza

Location: 485 Marketplace Blvd Suite 140, Forney, TX 75126
Contact number: (469) 720-0098
Description: Pizza eatery, Dining establishment

Experience MOD Pizza, a vibrant eatery known for its personalized thin-crust pizzas and friendly staff, making it a beloved spot among locals. 

Although there may be occasional mishaps like a half-burnt pizza or a less-than-generous Caesar salad, it is clear that there is a strong commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. 

Customers have expressed their appreciation for the diligent efforts of the night staff in resolving issues.

MOD Pizza is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts, offering a hot brick oven that creates perfectly crispy crusts, a variety of fresh toppings, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Whether you opt for the plant-based sausage, cauliflower crust, or a traditional pie, this restaurant promises a fast and satisfying meal with a smile.

3. Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Embark on a delectable journey through the heart of Forney, where a tantalizing array of flavors awaits.

Location: 215 S Bois D Arc St, Forney, TX 75126
Contact number: (469) 720-0400
Description:Pizza eatery

Situated in the heart of a bustling community, this eatery is renowned for its delectable dishes, particularly its irresistible pizzas and the highly acclaimed truffle cheese bread. 

Customers rave about the high-quality cheese pizzas, often declaring them as their absolute favorites, with some even expressing a desire to dine here on a daily basis. The bruschetta and sweet meat are highly praised for their delicious flavors.

The food consistently impresses, but the service can be a bit inconsistent. Some servers, like Roxie and Blake, receive praise for their excellent recommendations and attention. 

However, there are instances when the staff seems overwhelmed, especially during busy times with large groups, which can lead to longer wait times for food and drinks. 

Despite occasional service issues and lapses in sanitation, diners are enthusiastic about coming back, solidifying the restaurant’s reputation as a must-visit culinary gem.

4. Palio’s Pizza Cafe in Forney

Location: 51 N FM 548 Ste 211, Forney, TX 75126
Contact Number: (469) 907-4992
Description: Pizza with an Italian twist, specially made for those with gluten-free dietary needs.

Experience the flavors of Italy right here in the heart of Northern Texas at a charming restaurant that has quickly gained popularity among locals for its genuine Italian cuisine. 

This culinary gem stands out for its exceptional Italian cuisine, featuring a variety of dishes from homemade pasta to mouthwatering pizzas, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. 

The inviting and well-maintained decor creates a pleasant atmosphere, immersing customers in the enticing aromas of delicious food, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Featuring exceptional ratings for delectable dishes such as Grace’s Alfredo pizza, generous lunch specials, and a mouthwatering turtle cheesecake, this restaurant in Forney is a must-visit for anyone traveling along Highway 80. 

Despite some varying opinions on pricing and comparisons to other local establishments, it is evident that this restaurant offers an authentic taste of Italy that is worth experiencing again.

5. Pizza Milan

Location: 13980 Farm to Market 548, Suite 190, Forney, TX 75126
Contact number: (972) 357-7432
Description: Pizza eatery.

Pizza Milan, situated in the heart of Forney, has quickly gained popularity among locals for its delectable pizzas and warm, family-owned ambiance. 

This pizza place is known for its commitment to using halal meats and fresh ingredients, while also providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Quality and affordability are key focuses here.

Pizza Milan offers a culinary experience that guests can’t stop raving about. From the perfectly balanced thin crust to the fragrant Buffalo chicken pizza and tasty meatball sub, the taste and service are truly unforgettable. 

Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction shines through, making it a must-visit for anyone in search of an authentic pizza experience coupled with delicious, affordable meals.


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