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Don’t Make Assumptions – Tip #3

How many times did something “fall through the cracks” because you thought another co-worker was going to handle it? I’ve always told my team, don’t make assumptions.

Just as with other business tasks, there must be a clear-cut chain of responsibility on who will complete any given assignment, especially one that is important to the success of your business.

In your absence, have you identified who will send out the employee schedule? If you will be in a last-minute meeting with your boss, have you assigned someone else to meet with, or reschedule, your 3pm interview? You thought your fellow manager was going to tell the staff to come in earlier tomorrow, but she never did.

These are real-world examples of how things get forgotten or overlooked only because there wasn’t a clear channel of communication between all parties involved.

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So, don’t make assumptions. It’s the easiest way to hurt your business…and also one of the easiest things to fix.

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