8 Things That Prove You’re Not Ready to be a Manager

Those not in management think a manager’s job is easy.  You get to “come in or leave when you want”, go to meetings all day, you make the big bucks, and “never do any REAL work”. Today’s post identifies 8 things that prove you’re not ready to be a manager.

What Do They Want?

They all want to be a manager.  “I’m ready to be the boss, I know what I’m doing”, they say.  “I’ll fix things around here”…

You finally give that good employee the promotion to management, you really believe they are ready for the new responsibility.  All seems well until the department’s production drops and morale drops even more.  Call-outs are rampant and you haven’t seen a smile there in a long time.

What happened?  Well, maybe giving that person a promotion wasn’t a good idea…

Are They Ready To Be a Manager?

Not Everyone Is Cutout For Management

Here’s a transcript of a conversation “overheard’ in the employee break room:

“They owed me that promotion; I’ve been here for 8 years. It took them long enough. I’m doing a damn good job, ‘bout time they realized it.”

So, how do you like being a manager now?

“It’s pretty good but these “people” are a real pain, I’m not putting up with their stuff.”

What do you mean? You’re Not Ready to be a Manager

“Here, I’ll tell you…”

1. “They get paid to do their job. No need to thank them.”
Hey, I paid my dues and worked all the crappy shifts, now it’s their time. They get paid enough, besides I’m busy. Nobody used to thank me and I turned out fine.

2. “I’m keeping my special parking spot.”
I’ve been parking next to the side door for years but now the boss wants me to “act like a manager” and park where I’m supposed to. That’s BS man…

3. “Even if we’re busy, I’m still taking my time off.”
I need next Saturday off, I told them, and I’ve got a party to go to. I don’t want to hear any nonsense. I know it’s busy but they better give me that day off. If not, I’m calling in sick.

4. “I don’t need to help them; I have my own things to do.”
The other day I had these reports to get finished but they kept bothering me and asking me questions about everything. What, are they stupid, figure it out already!

5. “Why can’t I walk around with my coffee cup? I’m checking the department, that’s my job.”
I need my coffee or I’m no good for nothing. Look, I said hello to them when I came in, what, am I supposed to do their job too?

6. “That’s the company policy and they must follow it.”
Hey, I got in trouble for the same stuff before I was a manager. I’m not gonna cover their butts, let ‘em get in trouble for doing it too. Yeah, I know I’m supposed to help them, but nobody helped me!

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7. “I just need to hire a warm body for that position.”
We can’t wait until the perfect employee comes around; we need to fill these spots right away. If they are no good we’ll just get rid of them and find someone else. Where are the applications, man?

8. “I don’t have time to train them. Frank can do it.”
When I was hired I didn’t get any special training. They just stuck me with that old guy Ned and I had to listen to him for 2 weeks, what a waste of time. I’m not gonna deal with that crap, besides, they’re not gonna listen to me anyway. Put him with Frank, he can train him.

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