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Affordable Retirement Destinations in Minnesota Uncovered


As retirement approaches, many people seek tranquility, cheap prices, and a sense of community in the location they choose to live.

Minnesota’s stunning beauty conceals a hidden gem: affordable retirement destinations. Minnesota has numerous fantastic places for retirees to live, ranging from charming small towns to picturesque lakeside retreats.

These venues will help individuals make the most of their fixed incomes without sacrificing their quality of life.

Top 5 Affordable Retirement Places in Minnesota

The Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lake

People enjoy doing outdoor activities at Detroit Lakes, which is a wonderful location. This holds true in both the summer and winter.

Despite its popularity with summer vacationers, the city has the laid-back vibe of a little town. The Fargo-Moorhead area is approximately a forty-minute drive away, so residents may enjoy both the freedom of the country and the amenities of a large metropolis.

According to CityData, Detroit Lakes has a cost of living index of 83, which is significantly lower than the national average.

The inexpensive cost of living in this location allows most retirees to simply relax and enjoy life. Those who need a little additional money might find part-time work through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

Rochester, NY

As retirement approaches, many people seek tranquility, cheap prices, and a sense of community in the location they choose to live.

If receiving excellent medical care is critical to you, living in Rochester is the greatest option. The world-famous Mayo Clinic alone makes this town one of Minnesota’s top places to retire.

Rochester is well-known for its excellent healthcare facilities, but it has much more to offer.

Housing is extremely affordable, with the average home costing approximately $166,300.

According to Forbes, the cost of living in Rochester is 9.6 percent lower than the national average.

Rochester Community and Technical College offers classes for seniors who desire to continue their education.

Little Falls

Many retirees relocate to Little Falls, which was once home to Charles Lindbergh, since there are so many enjoyable activities to be had outside along the lake.

Even though Little Falls is close to St. Cloud, the majority of its citizens prefer the city’s rural location and small-town atmosphere.

The Little Falls Senior Center offers a variety of activities such as bingo, pool tournaments, dances, and exercise classes.

Along with CHI St. Gabriel’s Health, adjacent St. Cloud Hospital and the St. Cloud VA Healthcare System is a prominent medical option for the community.

Little Falls and the rest of Central Minnesota have a relatively inexpensive cost of living. In 2013, Little Falls had a cost of living index score of 80.7, lower than the national average of 100.


Living in Cloquet is like living in a city, yet with the charm of a small town. The village is near Duluth and the picturesque North Shore.

It’s also close to the large Black Bear Casino, where many seniors enjoy playing blackjack at night.

The city’s senior center offers a variety of enjoyable activities as well as lucrative employment opportunities. According to the US Census Bureau, Cloquet’s average house value is $137,400.


Northfield is on Money’s list of the Best Places to Retire, but it is commonly regarded as a college town. Finally, St. Olaf College calls it home.

The charming town has a lot to offer seniors, despite being best known for its modest liberal arts school, which is frequently featured on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion.

The city’s excellent senior center offers a variety of enjoyable and informative programs and events for seniors, such as Landscape Drawing, Introduction to Spreadsheets, and AARP Smart Driving.

Aside from the reading club, chime choir, hiking club, senior softball league, and card groups, the senior center offers a variety of other activities.

The medical care at Northfield Hospital is exceptional. Millstream Commons and Valley View Assisted Living and Memory treatment residents frequently require additional medical treatment.

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