5 Reasons I Love Big Cities And 5 Reasons I Hate Big Cities


I suppose I’m not the only one that enjoys big cities for various reasons, aside from the noise and the unpredictability of safety concerns! You can purposefully go lost: Am I the only one who discovers a certain level of magic when getting lost in large cities?

Big cities
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Reasons Why I Love Big Cities

1. It is unrelated to the moments when you are truly lost:

As is often the case in tiny towns, you just meander around, aware that you will likely wind up somewhere quite different from where you started.

2. Disturbance, perhaps?

Is it even feasible to become bored when living in a large location with lots of people and stores?There are so many things to do, really.

3. You can broaden your horizons:

They typically say that traveling helps you become more tolerant, but believe me when I say that “cultivating” oneself also benefits from living in a large city. Libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas, and concerts are all significant.They have the power to alter you in a variety of ways if you let them.

4. You get more opportunities to do things!

I have witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to obtain employment, develop oneself, encounter novel situations, and learn in a small town. Even if you have a talent, you are forced to wait for someone to recognize it and give you the opportunity to disprove their assumptions.And occasionally, it never occurs.

5. Should I talk about people?

It was difficult growing up in a little town of 10,000 people, as I’m sure you will think I’m insane.Everywhere I went, I knew everyone, and they knew me, too.On the one hand, it’s good because someone will come save you if they try to harm you.However, what about confidentiality?Without somebody keeping an eye on you, knowing exactly who you are, and whispering behind your back, you are unable to perform a single action.It gets worse when rumors start to circulate.

Reasons Why I Hate Big Cities

1. No difference in Mornings

I find it appalling what I see every morning on my way to work in a huge metropolis, and no two mornings are the same. Both sexes are observably wearing elegant work clothes, yet they are not grinning. Busy intersections are suddenly bursting at the seams with worried-looking, walk-fast commuters.

2. Unappealing surroundings:

And after that, I’m a block from my office building, waiting at the lights. This skyscraper is tall, dark, and ugly, just like all the others that surround it. Like most of them, it features a glass façade. It looks like a nicely arranged matchbox display, if anything. Any two windows are identical. Any two tiers are equivalent.

3. Everything Looks Same And Boring:

The woman working as a concierge is the same one I saw last week, the day before last, and yesterday. She is seated in a highchair and faces the individuals coming through the door. identical outfit. identical phrases. Like I’m living through yesterday again. She smiles at me haltingly, the same grin I received yesterday. I smile back at you.

4. No Human Contact:

The door is impatient and frequently tries to slam quickly, just like most city dwellers. There’s an awful two minutes of stillness while I make my way to my floor. The tight hush inside the elevator is occasionally broken by someone breathing heavily or by someone slurping from sucking on the straw in a Coke can.

5. Things That Are Not Living Appear Happier Than People:

In Evening. The twilight air that accompanies all the way home is one of delight. The work is finished. Return home. Commuters are diverted from more fascinating things by street buskers, who play instruments like the pan flute, violin, or guitar, or sing and play harps or flutes. Even the train looks joyful when it arrives at the station and moves smoothly through it, knowing that it is now time to leave the city and head home and away from the city.

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