5 Foolproof Tactics to Win Over Any Customer

...get it right the 1st time

The customer…the magical part of any business.  Day after day they flock to your business with cash in hand.  Life is good.  But what happens when they stop?  How do we get them back?

Win Over Any Customer

Here’s 5 foolproof tactics to win over any customer.  Use them freely…

1 – Vow to be Excuse-Free

Lets face it, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes.  But when it happens to you, be professional enough to admit it to your customer and take immediate steps to make it right

2 – Anticipate the Needs of Your Customer

Once you think you’re all set to go, think again.  Your customer has their own plans and they usually doesn’t match ours.  Walk through the steps of service, just as if you were a customer.  Find the holes, the areas in question or they ways you can do better.  Then DO IT!

3 – Put Your Focus Where it Belongs

Focus on your customer as if there is no one else in the room. Click To Tweet They are your first and last thing to worry about, period!

4 – Spend the Extra Dollar

Don’t think you can improve your bottom line by cutting staff in the hopes to save payroll dollars. That’s what inexperienced managers do.  How can you really expect to service your customers well with less people to do the job?

5 – Stop Being “Good Enough”

You’re not making enough money and your market share is shrinking.  What are you going to do?  Make a promise to yourself to get better.  Good enough is NOT good enough.

Your customers deserve nothing less…

Strive for being the best in every aspect of your customer interactions. Click To Tweet

Do you have any tactics to add to this list? 

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