This is Why Cheerleaders Give the Best Customer Service

...get your pom-poms out!

Last Monday I was fortunate to get out of work early enough to rush over to watch my daughter’s cheerleading squad perform during the high school  football game. Then, at the conclusion of the game, I saw something that I never thought much about at earlier games I’ve attended…

Cheerleaders Give the Best Customer Service

As the home players walk off the field they are cheered on by two rows of feverously-waved pom-poms and a chorus of accolades and encouragement from the girls.  Among the sweat and dirt of the game, the players seemed to appreciate the genuine enthusiasm directed towards them.

Then I wondered…why don’t we do a similar thing for our customers?

Now, of course I don’t mean to hire a bunch of teenagers to cheer on your customers but why can’t we ensure that every person leaving our business is aware of how much we appreciate them and their willingness to do business with us?

It is amazing how many times you leave a retail store with nothing more than your bag handed over the counter, a slight eye glance and a routine “thanks, have a nice day” being uttered from the uninspired employee.

Is that the best we can do?

It that the way to show appreciation to your customers who have entrusted you with their business?

Think about this…

You have just spent a considerable amount of time with the customer(s), YOUR guests, and didn’t think it was appropriate or NECESSARY to wish them a good afternoon/goodnight and a safe trip home? Is this how you treat a guest at YOUR HOUSE?

I hope not! Your grandma would be ashamed of you!

Do NOT lose interest in this customer and move your focus onto another, whether those next in line or on the telephone.  You have not finished the service with this customer yet.  You are not finished with him/her until they walk out the door.  Never forget that.

You want the last thing your guests’ experience, their exit, to be as memorable as their entrance and greeting was.

As you hand over your product, or complete your service, this is the time to “clinch-the-deal!  This is when you make your final pitch to your customer and butter them up with praise and appreciation.

It makes all the difference in the world, I promise.

Thank them for coming.

Say “It was a pleasure taking care of you today/tonight”.

Offer to get their coats from the coat check room.  Help put their coat on, assist them with their bags, open the door for them, etc.

With a warm smile, wish them a sincere good afternoon, goodnight, etc.  Ask them to return again with a comment like:

  • “It was wonderful seeing you again”.
  • “Hope to see you again soon”.
  • “When you come back, please ask for me. I will be happy to take care of you again”.

Let your guests know that you were happy they came and that you had the opportunity to serve them.

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I know you would do this if you had a dinner party at your house and it was time for your friends or family to leave. Right?

You would wrap up some food in aluminum foil or “Tupperware” and put them in the nicest bags you have; never those yellow plastic supermarket bags for grandma, oh no.

You would make sure she didn’t have too much to drink and was ok to drive. You would get her coat and help her put it on. You have a big warm hug ready as well.

You would get your shoes on and even walk her to her car while carrying the doggie bags. You would place them gently in the trunk and help grandma into her seat and maybe even try to assist her with the seat belt…until she said ‘That’s ok honey I can do it”. One final hug and kiss to all.

Then as the car drives away you are left standing at your door or in the driveway waving goodbye as they drive out of sight. They know you appreciated them being there. You showed them in countless ways. Can’t you do this for your customers as well?

Now, I don’t expect you to blow kisses to your customers but you get the idea.  You must find a way to show your appreciation!

So, here’s my farewell greeting to you today…

*So it’s time for you to leave?  Sorry to see you go.

*Well it’s been my pleasure to take care of you today and it’s great to see that you enjoyed your time as well.

*Here’s your coat, may I help you with your bags?

*Oh, let me get the door for you and please watch your step.

*Don’t forget, my name is Steve and I hope to see you again soon!  Please ask for me when you come back next time.

*Goodnight and have a safe trip my friend.

This article is adapted from the author’s bookEarn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift…Even If You’re a Bad Waiter“.  Get your copy TODAY!

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8 thoughts on “This is Why Cheerleaders Give the Best Customer Service

  1. customer care is the best thing we can give to everyone we find in our lives, at work and home. thank you

    • I agree Robert. Our everyday interactions are fulfilled by the way we act towards others. Customer are, and overall people care, is the way to go. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  2. Great article. This is a “must do” for all of us in business if we want to keep our customers. Studies have shown that a customer who feels appreciated will stay a customer. Otherwise they may walk away at some time.

  3. Wow what a great article being intentional about serving our customers and not just routine. loved the article made me realise my actions and behaviour do make a difference to our customers. Will cheer my customers on….

    • Bernadette,

      Great service can come from intentional acts or heartfelt reactions. Either way we must show our appreciation for their business in all we do.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Perfectly said Steve. Recently, I drove upto a hotel to check-in. It was raining heavily and as I stepped out from car, I had an umbrella over me. Hotel staff jumped in and pulled all my luggage from trunk. Receptionist had all my information ready, Just had to Sign and ready to go. The whole story could have been worse, with me drenched in rain, Filling information on their paper shivering and shaking from cold rain, etc.. Hard to see these kind of experiences.

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