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Will You Keep Your Next Customer Forever?

Do you start off your interaction with every customer as if you plan on having their business for a long time? What would you do differently if you knew this one transaction will set the tone for all their potential future business? How will you keep your next customer forever? Is it even possible?

The next satisfied customer is the foundation of your long-term success.

How to Keep Customers For Life

They must be nurtured, appreciated, and thanked for giving you the opportunity to serve them. How will you show your appreciation?

Never forget, regardless of what product we sell, we are here to serve the customer

We must have a mindset of service and be appreciative of the people that enter our doors with the intent to purchase our product.


Without them what are we, what do we have? 

Are we just a great business idea that never comes to fruition because the business plan focused more on payroll savings than on proper staffing levels to service the customers?

Do you have the latest trending store design that goes unseen because customers don’t want to do business with you due to the brash and indifferent treatment received from your employees?


How long do you think you can keep this up before you are forced to close your doors?

Treat each customer like a guest in your home. What would you do special for them?

Make Forever Customers

Focus on the small and easy-to-apply special touches that are not expected by your customers.  This is what creates the “WOW” factor.  Example:

  • On a rainy day, escort your customer to their car while you hold an umbrella for them
  • Offer a “behind-the-scenes” tour of your business.  Wouldn’t it be great to meet the Chef after eating a fantastic meal?
  • Provide a VIP shopper assistant – offer a personalized shopping experience for a select group of customers with special discounts

This list can go on forever.  The important thing is to find ways to do the unexpected.  Make your business an exciting place to shop.

Low prices and flashy signs are only exciting for so long, but personalized service that makes your customers feel special and appreciated can last forever.

So, will you keep your next customer forever?

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