Why is 420 associated with weed? From Modest Beginnings, 4/20 Evolved to become Marijuana’s Vacation.

why is 420 associated with weed

The high point of marijuana culture is celebrated on Saturday, April 20, when college students congregate in clouds of smoke on school quads at 4:20 p.m., and cannabis stores in areas where marijuana is legal provide discounts to their patrons.

420 associated with weed

Why is 420 associated with weed?

With recreational marijuana now legal in almost half of the states and the federal capital, this year’s event offers advocates a chance to evaluate how far their cause has gone. Numerous states have implemented “social equity” initiatives to assist communities of color, who have been most negatively impacted by the drug war, in benefiting financially from legalization. Additionally, the White House has expressed interest in legalizing marijuana.

The dates and the word “420” generally have hazy pasts. According to some, it was inspired by Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35,” which has the refrain “Everybody must get stoned”; 420 is the result of 12 times 35. Others said it was a reference to a police code about marijuana possession. However, the most widely accepted theory dates back to the 1970s. It involves a group of bell-bottomed friends from San Rafael High School in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco. They went by the nickname “the Waldos.”According to the report, a friend’s brother produced a map and allowed the teenagers to harvest the cannabis patch because he was worried about being caught. The teens were growing the plant in the woods at neighboring Point Reyes.

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