Ways to View the Balance in My FNB Bank Account?

How to check FNB balance

To make it easy for you to keep an eye on the balance in your FNB account, we’ll go over a few different methods in this post to check your account’s remaining balance. I’ll walk you through how to check the amount on your Fnb account using all these ways, including USSD codes, ATMs, internet banking, and mobile banking.

How to check FNB balance1

Use the FNB mobile app or online banking, stop by an ATM, or call the USSD code *120*321# if your mobile phone is registered to check your FNB bank account balance. Login credentials are needed for online banking; choose “My Bank Accounts” to check balances.

Users of the FNB mobile app may examine their balance under “Account Options,” select their preferred account, and log in. Insert your debit card, choose a language, input your PIN, and select the option for a bank inquiry or balance check at an ATM. If your FNB account is linked to your mobile phone, you may use *120*321# to check the quantity of your USSD code.

How can I check my FNB balance off the app?

You may use the mobile banking feature to check your First National Bank account amount without utilizing the app. Here’s how to use a phone to check your FNB balance, depending on whatever account you use:

  • For ordinary accounts: Dial *120*321#
  • For Business accounts: Dial *130*321#

To view your account details, adhere to the instructions. It’s interesting to note that the FNB online banking service allows you to apply for loans, purchase prepaid data and airtime, and check your balance.

How do you view the balance on the FNB Easy Zero account?

If you have an Easy Zero account, there are two methods to check your balance to make banking more accessible. You may utilize their app or the FNB mobile banking feature.

To use it, you must have downloaded, installed, and registered your banking information on the financial institution’s app. The following is an explanation of the steps:

  1. Open your app and log in;
  2. Tap the left menu drawer to reveal the options that are offered;
  3. Look for the “Connect” option and choose it;
  4. You can see your balance clearly on that page.

If you want to receive notifications, set up Balance notifications with a working phone number and an active email address.

How do I verify my FNB balance via SMS?

Registering for internet banking is a must to access your SMS balance. A functional phone number and email contact are required. You will receive an SMS notice for each transaction on your account as soon as it is activated. You can receive messages 24 hours a day, from 7 am to 8 pm, or at any time of day.

How to check FNB eWallet Balance?

If you have connected your wallet to the financial institution’s app, you may access your eWallet balance via the app. Alternatively, you can use any ATM location operated by the bank.

App option:

You may check your eWallet balance by following these steps if you have downloaded the FNB app to your mobile device:

  1. Launch the banking app.
  2. Choose the options from the upper left corner;
  3. Select “eWallet;” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your password to get into online banking.
  5. You may then check your balance after you’re in.

ATM option:

If you decide to go with this option, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Enter” or “Proceed” button on the machine;
  2. The choice of eWallet services comes next;
  3. Enter the mobile number you used to register;
  4. An SMS with a temporary ATM PIN will be sent to you; you must enter it on the machine to verify your number;
  5. After finishing, select the option to view your balance.

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