Ways To Verify The Status Of Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal

How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status

Nearly nine million individuals filed for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, according to data from the (Sassa). Although many of these individuals have received payment approval, not all have received SRD grant approval.

How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status1

SRD Grant Increase:

Enoch Godongwana, the finance minister, declared in March 2024 that the SRD grant amount will rise from R350 to R370. The R20 grant increase was confirmed by Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Social Development, in Government Notice No. R. 3210, dated March 29, 2023.

On April 1, 2024, the SRD grant amount was raised to R370, and recipients will begin to receive the additional funds at the end of the month.

If unsuccessful SRD grant applicants believe Sassa erred in rejecting their application, they are invited to file grant appeals. The Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals must receive these appeals from them (ITSAA).

After consulting with a member of the civil society, the ITSAA is responsible for determining whether the Sassa judgment should be upheld, modified, or overturned. Any appeal submitted by an applicant, recipient, or someone acting on their behalf may be reviewed by the ITSAA.

The number of persons filing appeals is rising. The ITSAA has ninety days to decide on applications for appeal. This complies with the PAJA (Promotion of Administration Justice Act) standards.

If you filed an appeal for an SRD grant, you may find out if the ITSAA opted to approve your SRD grant application or affirmed Sassa’s decision to deny it.

How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status?

  • First Step: Online Go to the Sassa Appeals website.
  • Step 2: Type in your phone number and ID number.
  • Click Track appeal in step three.

Currently, the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals is in charge of processing appeal claims. Finalizing an appeal might take months; the tribunal has three months to review your application.

The panel has made a final ruling. You may contest it in the High Court within 180 days if necessary.

The addition of Section 6C to the Social Assistance Act was announced earlier this month by Lindiwe Zulu, the minister of social development. This decision was crucial because it would guarantee that those previously eligible for the SRD award would still receive payments through May 2024.

The Act gave Sassa the authority to utilize a beneficiary’s assessment data from March 2024 to ascertain whether or not the beneficiary qualifies for an April 2024 SRD grant payment. As a result, payment delays for the upcoming months will be eliminated.

To keep things going smoothly as they transition to the new system, Section 6C is a temporary solution.

How to apply for SRD SASSA Grants?

Grants from SRD SASSA may be applied for online. Applying online via the SRD SASSA website is the most practical option.

Go to the SRD application area of the SASSA website to start the online application process. To proceed, you must register for an account and supply personal data, including your ID number, contact information, and banking details.

Please double-check your information to avoid any delays in processing your application. Once your application has been filed, you must follow up with it.

After submitting your application, SASSA will send you a reference number that you may use to track its progress. This leads us to the following part, discussing the paperwork needed for the SRD SASSA Grants application.

You won’t need physical documentation because R350 grant applications must be done electronically. According to Sassa,

If you are a refugee, you must provide your Department of Home Affairs refugee permit number and ID when you apply.

It’s important to remember that these specifications might alter in the future. For the most recent information on the required paperwork for your application, you are advised to check the official SASSA website or contact a SASSA representative. Ensuring you have all the relevant paperwork will help expedite the application process and prevent unnecessary delays.

Suggestions for submitting a successful SRD SASSA Grant application:

Although it may seem difficult to apply for SRD SASSA awards, you may improve your chances of success by using the following advice:

  • Verify your eligibility again: Make sure you fulfill all the requirements by carefully reading the eligibility rules and criteria before applying. This will assist in preventing needless rejections.
  • Assemble all necessary paperwork: Get all the required paperwork and ensure it is accurate and comprehensive. Your application may be rejected or delayed if you provide incomplete or erroneous supporting documents.
  • Apply as soon as possible: Send your application as quickly as possible. Given the great demand for SASSA awards, applying as soon as possible is advisable to guarantee timely application processing.
  • Make copies of every document you possess: For your records, duplicate each document you submit. This would be helpful if your application has any questions or issues.
  • Regarding your application, follow up: Use the reference number supplied to check the status of your application regularly. For help in the event of any delays or problems, get in touch with SASSA.

Paying attention to these pointers may improve your application process navigation and increase your chances of getting a favorable result. Let’s now examine how to find out the status of your application for SRD SASSA Grants.

Verifying the progress of your application for SRD SASSA Grants:

It’s expected to be curious about the status of your SRD SASSA Grants application after submitting it. Thankfully, it’s easy to find out the status of your SASSA application.

You will be issued a reference number upon submission. This reference number is necessary so that you can follow the progress of your application.

Go to the application status page on the SRD SASSA website to find out the status of your application. Input the reference number and any additional data that is needed.

After that, the system will show the application’s current state. It’s crucial to remember that processing periods might differ, so you should be patient and give your application enough time to be examined.

Please get in touch with SASSA directly if you run into any problems or have questions about the progress of your application. They can respond to any queries or worries and provide further details.

The independent tribunal that offers legal aid services oversees the appeals procedure. To examine your eligibility for the SRD award and the Sassa R350, you may check your appeal’s progress using your South African ID number on the Sassa website. On the Sassa website, a successful appeal for the Sassa R350 will be shown under the Sassa appeals area.

Sassa will examine your bank account, bank statements, and personal information about the Sassa R350 award every month. Every month, they verify your eligibility for the Sassa SRD award. If you are not approved initially, you should follow up in the coming months to see if you are eligible for the R350 grant.

After discussing the application procedure and the means of verifying the progress of your application, let us tackle some commonly asked concerns regarding SRD SASSA Grants.

Other government social grants:

In addition to SRD SASSA Grants, the South African government offers a variety of social grants to help low-income individuals and families. Several of these awards consist of:

  • Child Support Grants: This award financially supports parents or guardians of children under eighteen.
  • Old Age Grants: This award, intended to assist elderly adults, is accessible to those who satisfy the qualifying and age requirements.
  • Disability Grants: This award, which strives to offer financial help for each individual’s particular requirements, may be available to those with impairments.
  • Foster Care Grants: To help with the expenses of raising a foster kid, guardians or foster parents may apply for this award.
  • Care Dependency Grants: These grants are offered to people who look after kids with serious illnesses or disabilities.

Using SASSA Grant Applications:

Notably, every award has distinct eligibility requirements and an application process. For further information, visit the official SASSA website or contact SASSA if you are eligible for any of these grants.

Applying for SRD SASSA Grants might offer much-needed financial help during hard times. You may improve your chances of having a successful application by being aware of the eligibility requirements, obtaining the required paperwork, and adhering to the application procedure.

Don’t forget to contact SASSA with any questions or issues and use the reference number you were given to check the status of your application.

It’s crucial to look into other government social assistance programs that are accessible to you. Look into all of the possibilities that could apply to your circumstances because the South African government provides a variety of grants to assist needy individuals and families.

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