Veteran Filmmaker Roger Corman, King Of B Movies, Passed Away At 98

Roger Corman

Veteran director Roger Corman, who is renowned for his role in Hollywood’s B films, has died at the age of 98. He is recognized for having influenced the professional paths of numerous well-known Hollywood personalities, such as Francis Ford Coppola, who honored him on Instagram.

Roger Corman
Source: daily Mail

Cause Of Death

Known as the “King of the Bs,” Roger Corman passed away at the age of 98. He helped many of the most well-known actors and directors in Hollywood start their careers. On Instagram, well-known director Francis Ford Coppola sent Corman his final respects.

According to a statement released on Saturday by his wife and children, the seasoned director, who contributed to the production of low-budget hits including “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Attack of the Crab Monsters,” passed away on Thursday, May 9, at his Santa Monica, California, home. Francis Ford Coppola called Corman a role model and shared a snapshot of the two of them.

“Today I grieve the passing of Roger Corman,” he wrote. He served as my first taskmaster, mentor, instructor, and role model. Two days and thirteen years before me, on April 5, he was born in Detroit, Michigan, just like me. I learned everything there is to know about the practical aspects of filmmaking from working as his assistant.”

His Career

As a producer and director, Corman contributed to the creation of hundreds of B-movies beginning in 1955, including “Black Scorpion,” “Bucket of Blood,” and “Bloody Mama.” Renowned talent scout Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, James Cameron, and Martin Scorsese were among the budding directors he hired.

Corman was awarded an honorary Academy Award in 2009. Jack Nicholson made his movie debut in 1958 as the lead in a Corman quickie called “The Cry Baby Killer.”

He continued to work with the business on action, horror, and biker flicks, even writing and producing a few of them. Other actors like Ellen Burstyn, Bruce Dern, and Robert De Niro got their start in Corman films.

Born in Detroit, Roger Corman grew up in Beverly Hills. He spent three years in the Navy before attending Stanford University and graduating with a degree in engineering.

He then moved to Hollywood. He worked as a literary agent and a television stagehand after his time at Oxford before he discovered his calling. His children Catherine, Roger, Brian, and Mary, as well as his wife Julie, survive him.

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