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The Reputed O-Block Gang is Done after the Six Gang Members were Found Guilty for Killing Rapper FBG Duck

Six members of a well-known gang who were associated with the murder of rapper FBG Duck were finally convicted by the court. 

The six members of the O Block gang have been convicted for the murder of FBG Duck in 2020 in the Gold Coast on Wednesday by a federal jury.

The rapper’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, cried and was happy that the gang was finished for good after the verdict was read out, after more than three months of delay in the case.

The Murder

FBG Duck, whose real name was Carlton Weekly, was shot down outside an expensive clothing store at East Oak Street on Aug 4, 2020. He was with his girlfriend, who also got wounded in the attack.

The shooting was a gang war between the two gangs. Duck’s Tookaville group of the Gangster Disciplines had a severe yearlong conflict with the O-Block group of the Black Disciplines. 

The conflict was a series of rap disses between Duck and King Won whose name was Dayvon Bennett, an O-Block leader. The rapper had set a prize over Duck which shows how severe the conflict between the two groups was.

The Perpetrators

All six were found guilty of killing the rapper.

The shooter, Charles “C Murda” Liggins, was found guilty in five of the seven cases. The five cases being, that he had helped in the conspiracy of the rapper’s killing along with wounding his girlfriend with the illegal gun he was possessing and committing the crime.

Kenneth ‘’Kenny Mac” Roberson was the driver who helped the killer get away and was also found guilty for the same five except for wounding the other shopper and using a gun.

Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, who also helped in the getaway, was found guilty for the five but not for shooting Duck’s girlfriend and using a gun.

Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, another shooter was found guilty of murdering, using a gun and conspiring against the rapper. He was not found guilty of using a gun and wounding the other two victims.

Ralph “Teezy” Turpin, was the one who had organized the killers along with murder.

Marcus “Muwop” Smart, was another shooter and was found guilty for five charges except for using a gun and wounding the girlfriend.

The attack was described as an ambush while he was shopping, the witnesses had observed. Deputy Chief Daniel O’Shea along with other policemen were worried about another outbreak and had already put extra resources in areas that might have a retaliation.

According to the authorities, the 26-year-old rapper was not a member but was affiliated with Gangster Disciplines and was targeted for his diss track that insulted King Won, a dead gang member of the O-Block. The rapper’s family members denied it.

The prosecutors for the case worked efficiently to bring justice to the victim. They took testimonies of witnesses who knew about the inner workings of the gang along with the conflict.

The testimony revealed they regularly discussed shootings and drug dealing. These were important for the prosecutors to prove the crime level of the organization.

Duck was shot 16 times in 20 seconds outside the Dolce & Gabbana store and as a defence, his girlfriend tried shooting back with his gun but was wounded in the process. The defendants were identified via surveillance cameras.

LaSheena grieved over his son’s death but was finally at peace with the court’s decision as she finally found some closure to the dragged case, while also being satisfied and sure that the O-Block was finished for good.

Morris Pasqual, the U.S. attorney in Chicago was determined to work with law enforcement and prioritize dealing with the gang violence in Chicago and help the people to lead normal and safe lives, free from any violence.


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