The Deadline For San Diegans Requesting FEMA Flood Assistance Has Arrived


The formal deadline for San Diegans to submit an application for FEMA-approved flood relief has arrived. The deadline for residents to submit a request for Federal Disaster Assistance in the wake of the storm damage and floods in January is this Friday, April 19.

Source: cbs news

Expenses Related To Disaster

In-person treatment facilities are also closing in large numbers. FEMA funding has been awarded for almost 2,800 households so far to aid with short-term rental assistance, home repair expenditures, and other necessary expenses related to disasters.

The majority of physical disaster assistance centers close after Friday, but the one in Mountain View is changing its operations to concentrate on supporting small companies as of Monday. It will turn into an outreach center for disaster loans.

The deadline for charitable organizations and small enterprises to apply for an economic harm disaster loan is November 19. The city will make assistance services available online after Friday. There are three methods to apply if you haven’t already and believe you could be eligible for assistance: Use the FEMA mobile app or go to

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