Tacoma $500 Monthly Stimulus Check 2024: Eligibility, Application Process

Tacoma $500 Monthly Stimulus Check 2024: Eligibility, Application Process

In the early 2020s, financial uncertainty has made it more important than ever to find creative solutions to the issue of economic inequality. The City of Tacoma and the United Way of Pierce County have launched a new stimulus effort named “Growing Resilience in Tacoma” (GRIT) in an audacious attempt to solve these problems. The goal of this program is to provide eligible citizens with a $500 stimulus check every month for a year, with a focus on working households that fall into particular income categories.

Tacoma $500 Monthly Stimulus Check 2024: Eligibility, Application Process

Overview of the Tacoma Stimulus Program

The GRIT program is intended to act as a financial safety net for Tacoma citizens attempting to manage the challenges posed by unstable economic conditions. The program offers a 12-month payout period that starts on March 1 and pays out a total of $6,000 to each member. By giving qualifying households unlimited monthly income, the program aims to alter ideas of wealth and poverty, especially as seen through the prism of the arts.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for this new stimulus is tightly defined to target assistance where it’s most needed. Here are the criteria applicants must meet:

  • Residency: Must live within the zip codes 98444, 98445, 98405, 98408, 98409, 98418, or 98404.
  • Household Structure: Applicants must be the sole adult head of a household with children aged 17 or younger, or up to 21 if the child has a disability.
  • Income Requirements: Earn between 100% and 200% of the federal poverty line.
  • Age Restrictions: Applicants must be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • One Application per Household: Only one submission is allowed per household.

Application Process

Applications for the GRIT program will open on March 1 and will be available online. Prospective candidates need to complete the application form and submit it within the specified timeframe. A hundred participants will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible candidates. Notifications for selected participants will be sent via email in September, except for those in Group 3 who will not receive phone calls.

Additional Stimulus Programs in the U.S.

The GRIT program is part of a larger national trend where various states have implemented or expanded stimulus measures to alleviate economic strain caused by recent global events. Notably, the federal Child Tax Credit provides significant relief for families across the U.S. Additionally, states like California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York have introduced or expanded their child tax credit programs, offering various amounts and eligibility criteria.


Who can apply for the Tacoma stimulus check?

Eligible candidates are residents of specified zip codes in Tacoma, heads of households with dependents as outlined, meeting specific income and age criteria.

How much will the stimulus check be each month?

Qualified participants will receive $500 each month for a period of 12 months, totaling $6,000.

When can applicants start applying for the stimulus?

Applications open on March 1 and will be available through a designated online platform.

Are there any restrictions on how the funds can be used?

No, there are no restrictions; the funds are provided as no-strings-attached financial support.

How are participants selected?

Participants will be chosen through a random lottery system from the pool of eligible candidates.

What happens if I don’t receive an email or phone call in September?

Only selected participants will be contacted. If you do not receive a notification, unfortunately, it means you were not selected.

Can I apply if I’m over 65 years old?

No, the eligibility criteria restrict applications to those between the ages of 18 and 65.

What other similar programs are available in other states?

Several states, including California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York, offer varying forms of child tax credits and additional stimulus payments. These vary in amount and eligibility requirements.

The GRIT program is an innovative endeavor that attempts to reframe social perceptions of wealth and poverty in addition to relieving Tacoma citizens of financial stress. Tacoma is establishing a model for how cities might support their most needy residents during difficult economic times by offering unrestricted monthly financial aid. As this program gets underway, other communities hoping to put comparable policies in place to help residents become more resilient to economic shocks will surely be keeping a careful eye on it.

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