SNAP Benefits Payment Dates 2024: Know the Highest SNAP Benefits

SNAP benefit payment dates in May

It is anticipated that SNAP members nationwide will get their payments throughout May. However, depending on the state or territory in which they live, different dates apply for them to get their benefits. SNAP is a critical resource that helps low- and no-income people and families afford basic needs like food.

SNAP benefit payment dates in May1

There are differences in payment schedules across the country, even though the federal government distributes the monies. This is because each state has its rules for payment distribution. For example, the recipient’s case number determines the payment dates in Alabama. Benefits are paid out sooner in the month to people whose case numbers conclude in 01 than in 99.

Similar to Social Security payments, benefits are disbursed in Utah according to the first letter of the recipient’s last name. Some states with smaller populations, like Vermont and Rhode Island, choose to give out all of their SNAP benefits in one go.

States Distributing the First Five Days of May’s SNAP Payments:

Other states that will get compensated during the first five days of this month include Connecticut, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, the Virgin Islands, and Wyoming. In addition to the payment schedule, when determining your household’s eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you can subtract any unreimbursed medical expenditures exceeding $35 per month from your net income. You can see a comprehensive breakdown of each state’s SNAP payment processes here.

Connecticut: Due to Connecticut’s smaller size, SNAP benefits are disbursed on the first, second, and third of each month. If an initial letter beginning with A through F appears in the last name, benefits are paid on the first, G-N on the following one, and O through Z on the third. 

Hawaii: Benefits are mailed in Hawaii between the third and fifth of every month. Benefits are sent to people with last names A through I on the third and to people with last names J through Z on the fifth.

Nebraska: The first and the fifth of every month are when payments are paid. Should the SSN finish with: 

  • 1 or 2 = The SNAP benefit is accessible on the first of each month.
  • 3 or 4 = SNAP benefits are accessible on the second of each month.
  • 5 or 6 = The third of the month is when the SNAP benefit is available.
  • SNAP benefit is available on the fourth of the month for 7 or 8
  • SNAP benefits are available on the fifth of the month if 9 or 0.

New Hampshire: Payments for SNAP benefits are made monthly on the fifth.

New Jersey: Depending on your case number, you will get payment between the first and fifth of each month as follows:

  • 1 or 2 = The SNAP benefit is accessible on the first of each month.
  • 3 or 4 = SNAP benefits are accessible on the second of each month.
  • 5 or 6 = The third of the month is when the SNAP benefit is available.
  • SNAP benefit is available on the fourth of the month for 7 or 8
  • SNAP benefits are available on the fifth of the month if 9 or 0.

Virgin Islands: Monthly benefits are disbursed on the first of each month.

Wyoming: From the first to the fourth, money is moved. If any of the following letters appear at the beginning of the beneficiary’s last name:

  • Benefits A through D will be accessible on the first
  • E through K = benefits start on the second
  • Benefits will be accessible on the third. L – R
  • Benefits for S through Z will be accessible on the 4th.

SNAP May Payment Dates for Each State:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects the following dates for SNAP benefit payments in May 2024:

State Payment Dates
Alabama April 4 to 23
Alaska April 1
Arizona April 1 to 13
Arkansas April 4 to 13
California April 1 to 10
Colorado April 1 to 10
Connecticut April 1 to 3
Delaware April 2 to 23
District of Columbia April 1 to 10
Florida April 1 to 28
Georgia April 5 to 23
Guam April 1 to 10
Hawaii April 3 to 5
Idaho April 1 to 10
Illinois April 1 to 10
Indiana April 5 to 23
Iowa April 1 to 10
Kansas April 1 to 10
Kentucky April 1 to 19
Louisiana April 1 to 23
Maine April 10 to 14
Maryland April 4 to 23
Massachusetts April 1 to 14
Michigan April 3 to 21
Minnesota April 4 to 13
Mississippi April 4 to 21
Missouri April 1 to 22
Montana April 2 to 6
Nebraska April 1 to 5
Nevada April 1 to 10
New Hampshire April 5
New Jersey April 1 to 5
New Mexico April 1 to 20
New York April 1 to 9
North Carolina April 3 to 21
North Dakota April 1
Ohio April 2 to 20
Oklahoma April 1 to 10
Oregon April 1 to 9
Pennsylvania April 3 to 14
Puerto Rico April 4 to April 22
Rhode Island April 1
South Carolina April 1 to 10
South Dakota April 10
Tennessee April 1 to 20
Texas April 1 to 28
Utah April 5, 11 and 15
Virgin Islands April 1
Vermont April 1
Virginia April 1 to 7
Washington April 1 to 20
West Virginia April 1 to 9
Wisconsin April 1 to 15
Wyoming April 1 to 4

The Highest SNAP Benefits:

Hawaii had the highest amount, with an average monthly SNAP payout per family member of $385 in fiscal year 2023. This sum represented a twofold increase above the mean monthly benefits in several other states nationwide.

SNAP Payment Eligibility 2024:

These are the conditions for SNAP eligibility in 2024:

  • Gross monthly income is the entire amount you and your family make each month before any deductions. Your household size must typically be at or below 130% of the federal poverty level.
    • Since the poverty line is updated every year depending on where you live, you will need to determine the exact numbers for the size of your home. You may search for this information by typing in “[Your State Name] SNAP poverty line” or by visiting the website of your state’s SNAP agency.
  • Net Income: The amount you and your family make after deducting all permitted expenses (such as standard deductions and dependent care expenditures). You must make 100% of the federal poverty level or less with your net income.
  • Household Assets: The total amount of assets your household may possess to be eligible for SNAP is limited.
  • Assets of $2,750 or less are often required for households without a senior (60 years or older) or disabled person.
  • A family with an elderly or disabled member may own up to $4,250 in assets.
  • Note: These asset restrictions usually do not apply to vehicles used as primary residence or for transit.
  • One must possess a valid immigration status, be a citizen of the United States, or be a lawful permanent resident.
  • The criteria for residence may vary based on your immigration status.
  • Adults between 18 and 50 who are physically fit and have no dependents may have to fulfill employment registration or participation criteria.
  • SNAP benefits may be available to students in certain situations.
  • There may be faster SNAP application processes accessible to victims of disasters.
  • You must present proof of your household composition, income, and resources during the SNAP application process.

SNAP Payment Application 2024:

Online SNAP applications are available in many states, which expedites and streamlines the application process. 

  • Find the SNAP Agency Website for Your State: Look up “[Your State Name] SNAP Agency” online.
  • Seek out a section devoted to SNAP applications or benefits.
  • There can be a link to the federal SNAP application site or a dedicated application gateway on the website.
  • In certain states, applying requires first creating an account.
  • You’ll be able to monitor the status of your application and preserve your progress in this way.
  • When submitting your application online, you might be asked to upload electronic copies of some papers.
  • Note: The documentation needed varies by state. Examine the particular regulations for your state in advance.
  • Information on the makeup of your home, income, and resources will be requested on the application.
  • Electronically apply after filling it out and uploading any necessary files.
  • A confirmation email or notification of your submission may be sent along with further instructions.

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