ODSP Increase 2024: Know Expected Increase & Check Eligibility


We can observe the ODSP Increase 2024 in July of that year. Ontario is going to expand the ODSP. Payment in 2024 will be depending on annual inflation.

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Benefits under the ODSP will be awarded to those who satisfy the qualifying and eligibility standards by the end date of April 2024.

The ODSP disburses monthly income support payments. Payments are due on the last working day of each month. Therefore, payments for April 2024 can be sent as early as the last day of the month.

Depending on your situation, your ODSP Payment Amount for 2024 may change and you may begin receiving benefits on April 30, 2024. Every year in July, the ODSP Benefits are also adjusted in line with the inflation measurements.

What is the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)?

Through the Ontario government’s Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), individuals with disabilities can get assistance and support in locating employment.

Benefit Unit Basic Needs Max. Shelter Total ODSP
Single $706 CAD 522 $1,228
Single parent + 1 child CAD 849 $821 $1,738
Single parent + 2 children $849 $889 CAD 1,738
Couple CAD 1,018 $821 $1,839
Couple – 1 child $1,018 CAD 889 $1,907
Couple – 2 children $1,018 $964 CAD 1,982

A person who is expected to have a major physical or mental disability for a year or more may be eligible for support through the ODSP, a social assistance program.

If you are eligible for ODSP income support, the amount of monthly payment you receive will depend on your living situation.

ODSP Increase 2024 Eligibility

1. a minimum of 18 years old.

2. possess an Ontario resident permit.

3. must meet the standards of an authorized class or be classified as a person with a disability under the ODSP Act.

4. Hold resources inside the specified boundaries of the program. Has to be in need of money.

How to get ODSP Payment

Bank Deposit Direct: Since ODSP deposits the funds directly into your bank account, you can access the funds on the day of payment. In order to notify you of the deposit, you will often receive a text or email.

Reloadable Payment Cards: They function in the same way as debit cards. If you do not have a bank account, ODSP will load the funds onto the reloadable payment card on the due date. You are able to take out cash from any ATM.

Check: This option is for ODSP recipients who live far from a bank or who do not have access to ATMs, debit cards, or internet accounts.

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