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Illinois, a Potential Target of Future Nuclear Attack on the U.S

15 cities have been declared a likely target of a Nuclear Attack in the future.

The cities include Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York which are on top of the list now including Chicago, Naperville and Elgin.

Experts are worried about cities like Illinois, located within 50 miles of four nuclear power plants, which stands at the fourth of being severely affected for its two million above population. Experts believe the total deaths to be around 626,170 and over 1.1 injured and Naperville along with Elgin within 40 miles of Illinois.

Why Illinois is under threat?

It is a central location including three international airports with the third largest interstate highway system along with many developed ports making it a crucial hub of economy for America and a potential future target.

A conceptual Illinois target map was created in 1990 known as the FEMA nuclear target map that included the areas that would be severely hit by a nuclear war. However many updates have been made since.

The Zion Nuclear Generating Station was added as a possible target which was closed in 1998. It was the third nuclear power plant in the Commonwealth Edison network and was used by Chicago and North Illinois.

The Predicted Targets 

The first is Alton, a city on the Mississippi River and only 18 miles north of a major city, St. Louis. Being so close to the city as well as having a large population has made it the first target.

Peoria comes in second place because of its proximity to the Lasalle nuclear power plant. 

The third potential target is Springfield, the capital of Illinois. It is also the city of Lincoln’s birth which makes it a target as even in the 90s it was an important target of the enemies.

The fourth is Chicago which stands at the fourth target in overall predicted attack on America but might become the biggest target in Illinois.

According to 24/7Wallst reports, due to the four nuclear plants so close to the city, one being as close as 20 miles from Chicago makes it an endangered place, vulnerable to possible attacks especially on O’Hare International Airport which is the world’s 4th largest and an important asset of travelling in North America.

Along with these cities, the Quad Cities which is a part of both Iowa and Illinois makes it a major spot. It includes two Iowa cities along with three Illinois cities which is a well-known location.

Future Preparations by Illinois in the Past

As Illinois might become a major target of a nuclear attack, the state is prepared for it.

According to a NewsWttw report in 2018, the authority had started fortifying resources including updating the official emergency website, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency regarding any news along with safety measures for the people. The agency had also prepared to address and bring awareness about radiation safety and vigilance as a month-long campaign in the city.

The threat that has been predicted in Illinois along with other cities in the U.S. comes after the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas but has been feared since 2022. On Jan 3rd, 2022, the world’s five largest nuclear powers including Russia stated nuclear war, “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” Unfortunately, it was just a statement as in Feb, Russia invaded Ukraine breaking the core of it. The action sent a chill down everyone’s spine.

The wars in the past might not have affected the world today, but the world today has faced two major wars fought in just 2 years which has led to the belief that America might be the next target of a great nuclear war in the future.

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