How I Analyzed My Finance With A Local AI

A safe, individualized method of financial data analysis that yields specialized conclusions and suggestions With the arrival of spring and its associated custom of spring cleaning, I made the decision to take use of my Easter vacation to improve my financial situation by making savings and reorganizing expenses.

Local AI Finance
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Local Al Insighter

I didn’t feel comfortable asking ChatGPT questions or giving OpenAI, Google, or any other AI solution provider access to my private information. Not at all! I therefore started working on a project to develop a program that I called “My Local AI Finance Insighter” over my Easter break.

As promised, it operates fully locally, doesn’t require an internet connection, and protects your financial information. After analyzing my income and spending, My Local AI Finance Insighter uses transaction data to provide me with personalized savings recommendations and investment programs that fit my goals and lifestyle.

View the demo by clicking this link. AI is, to put it simply, machines simulating human intelligence. It incorporates several different processes, ranging from inference and learning to self-correction.

AI has the potential to significantly improve planning, decision-making, and problem-solving in industries including robotics, healthcare, and finance. AI has a lot of hype because of its amazing potential to completely transform how we tackle difficult challenges and come up with creative solutions.

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