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Ford is cutting F-150 Lightning production due to waning demand

Ford Faces Production Cut for F-150 Lightning Amid Lower Demand, Impacting 1,400 Workers at Michigan Plant

Ford claims that the F-150 Lightning’s lower-than-anticipated demand is the reason it is reducing production. As of April 1, the Rouge Electric Vehicle Place (the Michigan plant where the electric pickup is fabricated) will change from two creation movements to one. That will affect about 1,400 laborers.

The automaker says it will move around half of those to its Michigan Gathering Plant, where it’s assembling a third team to construct a greater amount of the Horse and Mustang Raptor, as well as the new Officer and Officer Raptor to fulfill need. To fill that shift, the company is hiring an additional 900 workers.

The remainder of the impacted F-150 Lightning laborers will be reassigned to various jobs at the Rouge plant or Portage’s different offices in the district. That is, except if they take up a retirement motivating force offer.

Passage didn’t say by the amount it’s diminishing creation of the F-150 Lightning. In any case, by moving from two movements to one, that shows result will drop generally significantly, which lines up with ongoing reports. As per CNBC, Passage intended to cut creation from around 3,200 units each week to 1,600.

The automaker retooled the Rouge office in 2023 with the goal that it would have a yearly F-150 Lightning limit of up to 150,000. In any case, request hasn’t kept up. While deals of the EV were up by 55% last year, it hasn’t been selling as fast as it did already.

Ford Adjusts F-150 Lightning Production Due to Slower-than-Expected Global EV Market Growth and Focus on Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

The organization says that it anticipates that EV deals should keep on developing internationally this year, yet at a lower rate than recently expected. Ford has decided to reduce production of the F-150 Lightning for the foreseeable future in light of this and the fact that the company is working on next-generation electric vehicles.

That isn’t the main EV Portage has downsized on by the same token. In November, it sliced creation of the Horse Mach-E.

“We are exploiting our assembling adaptability to offer clients decisions while adjusting our development and benefit. Clients love the F-150 Lightning, America’s smash hit EV pickup,” Passage President and Chief Jim Farley said. ” With our upcoming digitally advanced electric vehicles and access to Tesla’s charging network beginning this quarter, we see a bright future for electric vehicles for specific customers.”

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