Facebook Settlement Payout Date – When And Who Can Claim It? 


A lawsuit was brought against Facebook on the grounds that it had shared or permitted access to user and friend data by third-party apps without the consent of Facebook users. Due to the significant likelihood of data misuse, Facebook came under investigation.

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The $725 class settlement was approved by the Federal Court of California as a final measure to make up for the losses sustained by those who were harmed by Facebook’s wrongdoing. The settlement sum will be sent into the claimants’ bank accounts by the end of April 2024 or the beginning of May 2024.

Who qualifies for the Facebook Settlement Payout?

The impending reimbursement is available to the claimants who, by August 25, 2023, filed a valid claim for the class action Facebook User PRivacy Settlement.

Facebook users in the United States who experienced user privacy breaches on the app between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, are eligible to file a claim and join the settlement class. Recall that users who did nothing to qualify for the settlement will not be compensated or able to file a lawsuit against Facebook.

Institution Facebook Inc.
Country USA
Settlement Amount $725 million
Payout Date End of April or early 2024
Official website https://facebookuserprivacysettlement.com/

How much will the claimants get in Facebook Settlement Amount?

In exchange for a $725 million settlement, Meta has agreed to pay all legitimate claims that the class member has filed, as well as administrative costs, legal fees, notice costs, and any service awards that may be due to the Settlement Class Representatives.

The following are some of the elements that will determine how much money you will get in the next Facebook Settlement Payout:

1. Count of legitimate claims

2. administrative expenses

Time Frame in Which the Claimant Used Facebook During the Eligibility Period The Net Settlement Fund, which remains after we deduct the costs of administration, legal fees, and other expenses, is the settlement amount distributed to the settlement class members, according to the settlement administration.

How to check the status of the Facebook Settlement Payout?

1. Visit the user privacy settlement page on Facebook.

2. Next, select the option on the homepage to Submit a Claim.

3. Enter your confirmation code and claim ID now to view the status of your claim.

4. The claimants who have had their claims denied have the option to file an appeal to have the Facebook user privacy compensation money refused.

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