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Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Road Signs Installed Near Walt Disney World

CFTOD Unveils New Road Signs Near Disney World, Marking Progress in Tourism Oversight Area

Two new Focal Florida The travel industry Oversight Area (CFTOD) street signs have been introduced close to the limits of Walt Disney World Hotel. This is the principal CFTOD signage we’ve seen since the Locale was laid out a year prior, despite the fact that they divulged a logo the previous summer.

This first sign is noticeable on I-4 eastward before the Festival and World Drive leave that prompts Walt Disney World. It’s a standard green street sign.

Reedy Creek Improvement District Renamed CFTOD Amidst Governance Shift: A Response to Disney’s Stand on Florida’s Education Policy

The Reedy Creek Improvement District, which The Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida established in 1967 as a means of building Walt Disney World Resort, is now known as CFTOD. The Locale was renamed in 2023 when Lead representative Ron DeSantis, in counter for Disney revolting against Florida’s Parental Freedoms in Training regulation, assumed control over the Area and laid out his own board.

The second new street sign is on State Street 429 south before the Flamingo Intersections and Western Way exit.

In April 2023, after the Region Board endeavored to upset improvement arrangements Disney made with Reedy Rivulet before it was assumed control over, Disney recorded a government claim against the new Locale and Lead representative DeSantis. The Locale then sued Disney in Florida and Disney has recorded a countersuit. Peruse the most recent claim update.

Representative Linda Stewart Proposes Bill to Restore Reedy Creek’s Board Amidst CFTOD Controversy: Advocating for Change and Addressing Workplace Issues

A bill to reestablish Reedy River’s previous board and name as of late passed an Orange District designation and was recorded in the Florida Senate by Representative Linda Stewart. Stewart desires to, on the off chance that not get the bill endorsed into regulation, get individuals discussing the issues encompassing CFTOD, including reports of a “poisonous” working environment and many representatives stopping. Stewart is likewise investigating alternate ways of toppling the law that made CFTOD.

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