Canada Extra GST Payment – Know Eligibility, Amount & Payment Dates

Canada Extra GST Payment

People who live in Canada and belong to the lower income group will get this Canada Extra GST payment in 2024. This payment will be available on top of GST or HST paid by citizens on purchases of goods and services.

Canada Extra GST Payment
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The main objective of this payment is to provide financial assistance to low-income people and families to manage their expenses.

This will be available when you have filed your income tax return and then the government will give you the tax refund in the form of GST payment 2024. So you can get this payment if you pay income tax for the taxation year.

Everyone can apply for this GST/HST Refund 2024 to get the refund amount directly in the bank account. After some time, this refund will be adjusted with your upcoming income tax return and this will help you in reducing your tax burden.

This means that low-income families or individuals will save some money in paying income tax returns due to the refund.

Eligibility to Get Extra GST Payment in Canada?

1. You should be a permanent resident of Canada.

2. Must pay the income tax return for the taxation year.

3. Your age should be 19 years old.

4. If you are under 19 years old then meet one of the following conditions during the same period:

5. You have a spouse or common-law partner,

6. You are a parent and live with your eligible child.

Documents Required to Apply for Canada GST/ HST Refund

1. Social Insurance Number (SIN)

2. Passport

3. Birth Certificate

4. Documents issued by refugees, immigrants, and citizens of Canada

5. Documents that show your common-law partner ID or Spouse ID

6. Visitor Record, etc.

Canada Extra GST Payment 2024 Amount

Under this scheme, eligible beneficiaries will receive the refund amount on their filed income tax returns. This is a supplementary amount for people of low-income groups.

GST & HST 2024 Refund Payment Dates

If you are looking for Canada Extra GST Payment Date 2024 then you need to read this section and know the payment schedule here.

The Canada Revenue Agency issues Canada GST/HST refund payments to eligible beneficiaries 4 times a year.

If you have applied for this refund then you can get the payment on the given date and it will be the same for every year. You can go below to know the complete payment schedule of Canada Extra GST Payment 2024.

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