At Least Grumpy Old Guys Know What Great Customer Service Is

As I’ve gotten older, I better understand why many “old folks” (speaking from the viewpoint of me as a kid) got so grumpy. They’re tired of dealing with years of B.S. from so many people and have had enough of it. They just want to live their lives in peace and will no longer accept subpar work or attitudes. Me too. At Least Grumpy Old Guys Know What Great Customer Service Is.

During our young adult years, we’re still concerned about “fitting in” and finding our place in the “work world” – which is either far different from or eerily similar to the “school world”. But that’s where the problem lies. We need to make our mark on the world – in whatever form that may be and not join the crowd.

I must confess that I also went through a time when I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to be or who I was. But that didn’t stop me from doing what I thought was best. That’s the key.

We all have an internal compass pointing us toward what’s right and steering us from what’s wrong. We know what we’re supposed to do but sometimes get distracted. That’s when we get in trouble. It happened to me and I bet it happened to you too (Come on, be honest. You know it did…).

It’s time for a change, agreed?

Grumpy Old Guys Commit to Great Service

If you follow my blog, like me, you have a passion for customer service and enjoy finding new and exciting ways to WOW your customer. That’s the goal of us all. So, let’s commit to doing something about it. It’s time to be like that grumpy old guy (I can say that now since I’m at the age of “grumpiness).

We should immediately stop accepting anything less than the best. Demand it in ourselves and of the employees we work with or supervise. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have personal and professional standards that shouldn’t be compromised. And we must commit to enforcing these standards. When things are wrong, speak up and work to get it fixed.

Grumpy Old Guys Expect the Best From Others

If we come across a coworker who responds negatively to a customer’s need, we should call them out on it. You know the grumpy old guy would do it. And I bet you would do this too if you owned the company and one of your employees chased away a customer because of their uncaring actions. Am I right? If you were the owner and every customer who walked through your door contributed to the success of your business, you wouldn’t sit idly by and allow that to happen. You’d pull the employee aside and correct their actions right away. If it happened again, you’d decide if you wanted that employee to return the next day or to be fired instead. You wouldn’t accept anything other than the best from everyone.


It shouldn’t be any different if you aren’t the owner. You must still demand the best. That’s the only way to succeed. Like the grumpy old guy, you’ve dealt with too much B.S. through the years like poor behavior, things that are “good enough”, or lazy unproductive workers for too long. Enough is enough. You don’t want to be grumpy, nor do I. That’s not the inevitable destination for us. Let others take that role – we’re going to make a difference.

Grumpy Old Guys Are Willing to Enforce High Expectations

We must be willing to enforce the high expectations we now demand. Each day and every day. This is not easy. It makes more work for us and sometimes puts a bullseye on our back. We’re soon to be known as the one who doesn’t accept excuses and the one who speaks his mind. But that’s fine with me.

At least I know how to meet expectations and my customers will be better off because of it. Just remember, the grumpy old guys know what great customer service is. Do you?

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