All Three Suspects Arrested in the Murder of the Young Texas Couple 

The third suspect has been caught in the brutal murder of a Texas young couple.

A woman, who is expected to be the third suspect in the fatal shooting of the pregnant teen Savanah Soto,18 and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, 22 has been arrested by the Texas police.

The female is identified as the stepmother of Christopher Preciado, the 19-year-old suspect who was an accomplice of his father Ramon Preciado, 53, for the murder of the two according to the statement of Antonio Police Lt. Michelle Ramos at a news conference on Jan 10.

Her Arrest

 According to the police, Myrta Romanos, 47 was the third suspect in the case and was charged with altering or destroying the corpse, abusing a corpse along meddling with the evidence. She was arrested one week after the other two arrests were made.


The father and son duo were arrested on Jan 4 for killing the couple in December when the body of the two was found with a gunshot, in a car parked near a San Antonio apartment complex on Dec 26.

The police were alarmed by the disappearance of the teen from an important medical appointment as she was past her due date, as reported by her family.

The investigation was carried on which led to the arrest of the two on Jan 4. Christopher was arrested for capital murder and altering along with destroying the corpse and his father Ramon was arrested for abusing and helping his son displace the bodies.

The footage, major evidence

Their arrest was the result of CCTV footage which was the key evidence that led to the arrest of the two and later the third suspect. , Soto’s cell phone, which was discovered in the car, played an important role along with the footage in discovering the location of the suspect’s vehicle.

 On the night of the murder, Romanos was captured both leaving and returning to her home along with Christopher and Ramon in a dark-colored truck. The gun belonged to her according to the police.

It was unclear which one was driving the truck, a Chevy Silverado along with a bed cover and Guerra’s Kia Optima in the video released by the police.

The police had already discovered the involvement of a third suspect but were unsure about the arrest due to insufficient causes.

The footage was circulated on social media for the third suspect as the forensic unit constructed the required information for Romanos arrest.

Christopher Preciado was under attorney Monica Guerrero who told CNN she did not have any further comment for his defense whereas Ramon’s attorney John Kuntz, had refused to represent him further in the case.

Romanos is under trial on a $1.1 million bond, according to the magistrate’s record. However, whether she’s represented by an attorney or not is unclear as of now.

The defendants of the father-son duo were also unable to further defend the two which shows the determination and the hard work the police have done to provide justice to the victims and their families. Along with that, the evidence collected from the footage leaves no room for their defense.

Furthermore, Ramos assured the public of no further suspects in the case.

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