Did He Really Say Have a Sparkling Day?

...I thought I was hearing things.

Deep inside my sleep-induced stupor I heard a faint “ding” every once and awhile, then the murmur of a man. A slight heave left or right and the clang of metal finally woke me. Then the ding came again.

Have a Sparkling Day

This time I opened my eyes. Nothing was unusual, just a few people walking down the aisle of the Amtrak train I was on during a recent trip to Boston. As they headed for the exit doors the conductor came over the loud speaker and thanked the “customers”, NOT riders, for joining him on the trip today.

The usual canned banter from most employees when tasked with making announcements was replaced with a friendly, comforting and surprisingly welcoming change from what I’ve been accustomed to hearing.

He informed us of the name of the stop along with the one coming up next followed by the weather. He ended with a most unusual phrase;Have a sparkling day”!

I thought I was still sleeping. Did I hear right? Have a sparkling day? No, that can’t be right…

As we barreled down the tracks towards the next stop I closed my eyes again to rest but this time I was paying attention. Paying attention to that happens at the next stop.

Again, I heard “have a sparkling day”. Wow, that’s different.

By now, a few of my fellow passengers, who apparently have been listening to the same phrase during the trip, starting to talk about this unique farewell as they exited the car with a smile.

Just think; a basic train ride, transformed into a conversation starter by a few well placed and unique words.

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Don’t fret over following the newest fad or insist on trying the hip way of doing this or that. That will only add you to the list of copy cats all searching for ways to be different.

Throw out the canned responses you’ve trained into your employees. Remove the barriers to common sense and prohibitions to service.

Spend your time wisely doing what really matters, finding ways to personalize your service and create a memorable experience for the people that matter. You’ve always been great at this. Get back to doing what you do best – taking care of your customers like they’re family. Click To Tweet

What do you do to add “sparkle” to you customer’s day?

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6 thoughts on “Did He Really Say Have a Sparkling Day?

  1. What do you do to add “sparkle” to you customer’s day?

    Rather than greeting our guests with a “Good morning/afternoon/evening”, we say, “Great morning/afternoon/evening”. When a guest asks us why we say it, we respond, “Well, usually someone says “Good morning” as a wish for you that day. But we don’t want you to have just a “good” day. We want you to have a GREAT! day.”

    At the same time, saying the word, “Great” automatically puts a smile on your face. Try saying the word “Great” without showing your teeth.

    But it is all of us saying it to every guest that makes a difference. It’s not the one BIG WOW to one customer that will build your business. It is the one little wow delivered consistently to all your customers that will.

    • Hi Bill,

      What a “great” twist to the everyday greeting. You’re right, saying the word great automatically brings a smile to your face and starts the conversation off on the best foot forward.

      I’m going to try this today, thanks much!

  2. Have a sparkling day sounds so warm, magical and special.
    You would never forget that. I can see how you hear that and immediately a smile will spring to your face. What a great statement to make and brighten your day.
    For me remembering my customers was focal, who they are, what they do, what they like
    and engaging on their platform to begin to develop a personal relationship. This for me was what it took to nurture and develop long lasting relationships.

  3. Since I now work in a Boy Scout Shop, I like to be different and “sparkly”, so after completing my Guest interaction, I wish them well on their “Scouting adventure”. I use this phrase for those who are already in the Boy Scout program – and a slightly different one for those families who are just starting in Scouts. For these families, I say, “Hope you have a great start on your Scouting adventure!”
    These bits of sparkle help me to add a bit of plussing to both my Guests’ experience and my day, too!