My Boss Appreciates Me, and 4 Other Business Lies know they lie to you, right?

We all believe that our boss appreciates the work we do, cares enough about us to realize the day-to-day challenges we face and is concerned about our quality of life. But is this true?

Boss Appreciates Me

Let’s delve into a few lies about business…

My Boss Appreciates Me

Your boss expects you to complete all tasks assigned to you in the manner prescribed. He may give you the latest high-profile assignment, not because he appreciates the work you do, but because he needs the task completed now. He may say thanks for a job well done but the underlying thought process is that one task is now completed, let’s move on to another.

If you are late at completing a task he will not be concerned about your already-heavy work load or your personal problems at home. He will focus on why his directions were not followed and the task not completed.

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My Boss Will Let Me Take Off on Sunday

For those of you that have the pleasure to take off on most Sundays, or even Saturdays for that matter, you may have made plans to go to the beach, attend a friend’s party or relax at that bed and breakfast your wife has been talking about for months. Then you get the call…

“Steve”, your boss says on Friday, “I need this project done quick and ready for Monday’s presentation no matter what”. “Whatever your plans are for the weekend, cancel them, this must be done”. Wow, there goes my weekend.

So what do you do? Upset your wife by telling her your weekend getaway is cancelled or risk repercussions from your boss? Unfortunately the wife comes second.

“But I thought my boss cared about quality of life in this job, and wanted us to have our proper time off” you say. Well yes, that’s true…as long as his new project is completed when he wants it.

I bet he is taking the weekend off.

I’m Next in Line for That Promotion

I have heard this stated so many times and have seen enough dreams shattered to never take things for granted.

No matter how hard we work or what value we bring to a business, the boss is in control. He, or she, has the final say as to who gets the promotion. Your efforts are noticed but that is not always the driving force behind who gets the next shot at the promotion or the job.

Is it the best qualified, or the most trusted employee? Is it the one what has the most connections and can bring in that large account? Well what about the “suck-up” that is always a half step behind the boss as he walks the floor? Does he get the job?

In my early years I once had a conversation with the department head of another division I was interested in getting into. I heard through the grapevine that a position had opened up and I wanted the job. So I strolled into his office and asked about the new position and how I may go about applying.

He was very nice and sympathetic but told me that he had already promised the job to the son of his long-term neighbor. That stinks! I was much more qualified than his pimply-faced neighbor’s kid but I wasn’t in control, the boss was.

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I Don’t Need To Hire Another Salesperson

Oh I forgot, you’re Superman. You can do it all, run the business, make the product, balance the books, take care of payroll, and you’re a “marketing master” and can do all the promo needed. Yeah sure.

There a very few business that can run with any semblance of success and profitability without having the right person for the job or hiring the additional person to get it done. Don’t be cheap, hire the help you need, don’t think you can do it all.

And frankly, even if you CAN do it all, should you? Do you want to spend time with your family? Do you want to take up that hobby you had hoped for? Can you follow doctor’s orders and reduce the stress in your life? Well, not by being a Super-businessman you can’t.

My Childhood Friend Will Make a Great Business Partner

Now we’re getting into dangerous waters. Learn this business truth:

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Don’t think you need a lawyer to draft a partnership agreement detailing each person’s responsibilities and the repercussions for failing to do so? Think again.

Be the one that puts all the money in to start the business while the “friend” keeps his in the bank because he is a little short on funds now? Get ready to kiss that money goodbye.

Think your friend will look out for your best interests? Well maybe, but what if his best interests get in the way, then what?

Treat any business as if entered into with a stranger. Make sure all legal business documentation is drafted ahead of time and prior to signing any outside agreements. If your childhood friend balks at signing your paperwork, you realize NOW that your friend was not the best partner to have. He may be a great friend, but not a good partner. It’s time to move on.

In conclusion…

The world of business is one of excitement, uncertainty and fraught with setbacks and frustrations. Never enter it wearing rosy-colored glasses or being unprepared for the inevitable setbacks. Be realistic and understand that not all bosses think the same.

Some are prepared to show appreciation and do so with ease, but many are not. This doesn’t mean that your efforts are in vain or must go ignored. It just may take a different approach on your part to get noticed.

  • Write a weekly/monthly summary of your actions and completed tasks
  • Get customer feedback regarding your accomplishments and the service provided
  • Track the revenue generated or payroll dollars saved through your labors
  • Seek out specialists in your field to train your staff in the latest industry practices
  • Etc.

It’s the employees that prove their worth that are successful. Then, it is much easier to get the appreciation from the boss, that Sunday off and maybe even that promotion you desire. Good luck!

P.S. Does your boss appreciate you? Leave me a comment below and tell me how he/she shows his appreciation. With a letter of thanks, or pat on the back, does he “talk-you-up” to the big boss, take you out to lunch?  Or, does it even matter to you?

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2 thoughts on “My Boss Appreciates Me, and 4 Other Business Lies

  1. Hey Steve, I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing bosses that have treated me very well. That being said, this is great advice that should not be ignored.

    • Thanks Jeremy, even a bad boss can teach us something…like being selfish, standoffish, pompous, etc. And yes, just as you, I have had a few good ones too. I tried learning from those ones instead.

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