And You Wonder Why Business is Bad

...doesn't the buck stop with you?

We hire those we expect to help us get better.  We want them to be the front line of our business.  We put our trust in their efforts to do what is “right” for our customers.  But then we fail them

you wonder why business is bad

The problems start right at the “orientation phase”.  Who takes the new employee and immerses them in the “culture of the business”?  Oh, this doesn’t happen at your company?  And you wonder why business is bad.

You don’t support them because you have meetings to go to.  You keep the “bad” ones far too long with little accountability.  You don’t provide the tools needed for them to do their job.  And you wonder why business is bad.

You allow employees to come in late or call out with impunity.  You stopped the departmental or customer service training because you didn’t think it mattered.  You no longer worry about employee standards of appearance.  And you wonder why business is bad.

You cut staff and put management in their roles, but just for a “few days or so”.   You postponed your marketing and promotion because “they’re not working anyway”.  You didn’t reinvest in the business until enough complaints came in about your damaged furnishings. And you wonder why business is bad.

You don’t have management that routinely meets with the hourly employees.  You have management that thinks they know better than the staff.  You have so many complaints filed in HR that they can’t keep up and the lawyers are always on property.  And you wonder why business is bad.

You handcuff your managers by not giving them authority to make changes.  You insist on doing things YOUR way and your favorite line is “we’ve always done it this way“.  And you wonder why business is bad.

Too many after-work drinks at the bar, profanity is accepted, customer feedback letters go unread, incoming telephone calls ring far too long before being answered, the boss keeps coming in late…and you wonder why business is bad.

Where does it end?

Not until ownership or the corporate leaders understand they must be more concerned about how the business is run then who is running the business!

It’s not about YOU!

Senior management is not in charge, the customer is! Click To Tweet

Stop all the meetings and stop putting profit above people.  Actually get involved in the day-to-day operation of your business.

Show some leadership for once…you’ll be surprised what you find.

Stop blaming others, the low or mid level managers, for the ills of the business.  Don’t talk about giving them a “pink slip“.  If YOU write the check, it’s YOUR fault.  What have YOU done to make it better.

Maybe it’s time for YOU to get the pink slip!

Am I being too hard on “the boss”?

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7 thoughts on “And You Wonder Why Business is Bad

  1. Thanks for this post Steve. Not only did I enjoy the sassy writing style, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Part of me wants to email this to my old boss lol. This is everything my previous employer did and almost exactly what I said in my exit interview. Thanks for getting this info out there. Too many people make these mistakes and then wonder why business is bad and morale is low!

    • Hi Sherrie,

      I speak from experience and have gone through situations like these as well. I always write based on what I know or have experienced and far too many “bosses” haven’t a clue as to why their business is failing until they are faced with the reality of an upset customer of a bill collector.

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the article and have left your first comment here. Welcome to the team.

      I have never been told I’m sassy…a little opinionated maybe, yes. But when you’re passionate about something it comes out. Thanks again.

  2. No, you are not being too hard on “the boss”, Steve. A boss is supposed to have knowledge as to what is going on with their company – not that they can know everything! – but at least have some inkling of situations from the smallest departments on up. Don’t rely on your assistants all the time, either! Get out of the office and out in “the field” ….gather your own info, relate with employees and customers alike, ask questions, find answers……be AWARE! Be proactive! Nothing can get done if you don’t use the best tool in your trade…yourself!

    • “The best tool in your trade”, I like that one Lisa, well done.

      I have worked with so many “bosses” that spent all their time in the office that they lost touch with the very same people that are entrusted with the real success of the business. And who gets the credit?


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