You May ♥ Cars But You Don’t ♥ People

...another example of service with the least effort possible

Article after article, book after book and expert speaker after expert speaker consistently state that great customer service can only be provided by friendly and sincere efforts from the service provider.

you may love cars but you don't love people

But how can that be done when the “service provider” never utters a word!

Today I pulled into a local Lukoil gas station on my way to visit some friends.  As the station attendant walked toward my car I already had my credit card in hand and said “fill it up regular please”.  No response from attendant.

A few moments go by, the tank is filled.  I rolled down my window again to receive my card from the attendant and was handed the card, wrapped in the paper receipt.  I said “thank you”.  No response.

I couldn’t believe it.  The entire transaction took about 4 minutes and the attendant never said a single word!

No attempt to say hello, or to welcome me to the station.  No offer to confirm my “selection” or to wish me farewell when done.

Is this what is to masquerade as service in our society?

And, know what the best part was?  All over the station’s large property were sign after sign that had their catch phrase…

We Cars.

I saw a we cars sign on the office door, saw a we cars sign on the building wall, saw a we cars sign on a lamppost and saw a we cars sign on a pole right in front of me as I waited for the tank to be filled.

I was so surprised by the lack of any attempt to interact with a customer (me) that I took the above photo just to prove a point –

Lukoil may cars but they apparently don’t people! 

At least not enough to expect their employees to utter a mere morsel of a word when a customer enters their place of business.

Look, this is not to point out a specific business and their failings of personalized service.  But it is to point out that we mustn’t accept it.

Here’s a previous post that describes how a gas station really CAN make a difference.

Take your business to those that appreciate you.  Support those businesses that provide tangible proof that they wish to keep you as a customer.  Drop those that seem to not care if you walked in their doors or not.  They don’t deserve your hard-earned money.

Get the point?

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6 thoughts on “You May ♥ Cars But You Don’t ♥ People

  1. Yes, Steve! Point taken and well illustrated! It takes people to make or break a business!

  2. Steve,

    We live in the 2 states in the US where someone pumps our gas for us. My attendant was super friendly here in Oregon today. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t the same. Lukoil definitely missed on their customer service vision on this one. Great post.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      I thought of you while writing this post, funny how things happen. Too bad ownership/management is not aware of the service provided by some hourly workers. Thanks.

      • Just to play devil’s advocate,perhaps those “hourly workers” feel so unappreciated that the ❤️ Doesn’t trickle down .

        • Hi Joe,

          Unfortunately you are correct. Just because those above “tow the company line” doesn’t mean the hourly employees do the same. Poor employee morale and actions usually come from poor management.


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