What Value Do You Bring To The Company?

Or, are you just another pretty face?

The well-dressed man stands 6’ 2” with eyes shaded more towards green than blue. An impressive sight on this day of interviews.  But is that enough to get the job? Is he the only statuesque man within the throngs of job-seekers today? The next woman I meet has an air of pleasantness that immediately makes those around her feel comfortable and as if you have known her for years. Just the type of new hire we desire. I “know” she will fit in right away. But am I hiring for comfort or aptitude?

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Under past practices many interviewers will immediately weigh these two people higher than others without such admirable traits.

But today’s workforce must be more than that. With business degree in hand and an impressive resume, the final piece of the puzzle used to be the appearance of the applicant. Does he/she fit within our culture, within the “look” we are trying to portray to our customers?

Whether it is right or wrong to look within these terms, it is a fact that how one looks is an important part of the equation.

But is that enough? It may be easy to make your hiring decisions based on one impressive man or woman, but can these be the leading factors when there is more than one who impresses us or looks similar to others within a crowded field of applicants?

There must be a determining quality that will separate one employee from the other. Click To Tweet

But what quality is it?

The “Customer Value Proposition”… is providing convincing reasons why a customer should buy a product, and also differentiate your product from competitors.

The same works for our “internal customers”, our employees. The “value” one brings to their organization is not easily measured but can, and usually does, make itself known very quickly within the process. This is the quality that creates success. Once the new employee is hired and throughout the training process, there should be brief doses of clarity where we realize this employee has qualities that we may not yet possess through others. As time passes the benefits of this new hire should be apparent.

  • Does he/she have the skills needed to become a leader, or one that can be quick to assess the situations at hand and come up with a correct and proper response?
  • Has he shown the experience to understand and anticipate the needs of your customers in a way that is cost effective to your business?
  • Can you be assured that tasks will be completed properly and on time as directed?

If not, then what value has this new employee created for him/herself, or for your business for that matter? Why should additional resources be directed toward a potentially failed effort of the next “impressive man” or warm and welcoming woman? These are not qualities that, in itself, determine one’s value over another. Only proven and demonstrated actions and ideas will create value for those who seek success.

Think about this when hiring the next pretty face.

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2 thoughts on “What Value Do You Bring To The Company?

  1. Steve this is a great article, as we all know the CV is your firts bullet…But sometimes you can not just hire as per CV even it is the first what you see. During the interview you normaly see how the person is, does she/ he behaive sloppy do they let you talk etc…

    Many people have a very polished CV but once they start in the company…the downfall beginns…This is as where you as a Leader to come in place to see who is the right fit or not…

    • You are correct Eduard. the hiring process shouldn’t end once the employee starts their job. there should a 30-60 day evaluation to see if he/she is really fitting in and performing as intended.

      Once we get past the “honeymoon phase”, the real work begins.

      Thanks for the first comment on this new blog.

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