On today’s video we welcome our special guest Jeff Toister.

As a customer service trainer, advocate and author of “The Service Culture Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Customer Service“, Jeff discusses his thoughts on how to improve your company’s service culture.

Topics of Discussion:
1. How do you define a successful customer service culture?
2. Why we should NOT copy another company’s service culture model.
3. Why it’s important to align every employee to the customer service vision.
4. How do you get your employees more engaged?

Join co-host Tal Shnall and me to welcome Jeff Toister.

Micro managers are usually people that don’t have faith in their employees. They are driven by fear and anxiety, wanting to control the actions of their employees so that “nothing goes wrong”. All discretionary decisions must not be made by the employee because “the boss” knows what is best.

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I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Tal Shnall, host of Customer Service Champions, where we discuss methods to improve leadership in the customer service industry.