This Small Tactic Will Brighten Your Day

...go ahead, try it

You’ve experienced it. You come into work with a real big smile on your face and suddenly people respond to you with a smile and seem to treat you better. It’s a well-researched social phenomenon.

brighten your day

In fact, just looking at photos of happy-faced people has been shown to make a person’s brain waves go into a happier mode.

When someone smiles, they are exhibiting positive emotions. Those positive emotions can affect the way a person acts and feels. Since the body and mind work so closely together, it is only natural that those positive feelings will affect the body in a positive way.

Remember, no one wants to see your frown…regardless of how busy you are.  Dust yourself off, focus on your task at hand and get ready for your day.

So, go ahead, smile. What do you have to lose? Click To Tweet

Your customers will thank you for it.

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2 thoughts on “This Small Tactic Will Brighten Your Day

  1. I have long since separated myself from those who look to bring others down. When we think of all the good we really have in our lives, other than the bad, it’s much easier to get through the day. Thanks Lynn.

  2. I agree smiling shows you are happy, positive, connected. A friendly smile is infectious, engaging.

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