This is Why Your Success Habits Will Make You Better Than The Rest

...your conscious actions will lead to bigger things

Rod Stewart famously sang “Some guys have all the luck” and that may be true for “some”. But has YOUR success been because of luck or your varied personal habits that have, unknowingly, made you who you are and ultimately led to your success?

Success Habits

Most likely it was your personal habits; I call them “success habits“. Let me explain…

Each day there are a series of steps, actions and patterns that you take as part of your routine. You don’t consciously think about them, they just happen. Example: reading before bed, being a good listener or never being late.

These “habits” do more for you than you realize…

  • You like to read before you go to sleep; this probably helps your communication skills.
  • You always have been a good listener; hasn’t this helped your ability to analyze and evaluate conflicting points of view and come up with the effective call to action?
  • You hate being late to the movies; now think back on how many times you have been early to events and the positive actions that came because of it: Maybe you found the best seats, got the last available tickets or had a chance to speak one-on-one with the presenter and received some “insider tips”.

Directly from the pages of the acclaimed book, Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, is this widely used phrase:

It usually requires a minimum of about 21 days to effect any perceptible change in a mental image.

In other words, it takes 21 days to break a habit and conversely, 21 days to start a new habit.

Looking back on their careers, many believe that “being in the right place at the right time” has been the catalyst for their success.

I believe otherwise and so do the people listed below, all friends of this blog and newsletter subscribers too, who have graciously shared their habit(s) that have undoubtedly has led to their career success.

They consciously do these actions time and time again and reap the rewards because of it.

Get out your pen and notepad and prepare to learn a few new habits of successful people. Hey, after 21 days, you never know what may happen…

This is Why Your Success Habits Will Make You Better Than The Rest

— Russel Lolacher

Social media, customer service and communication nerd + speaker. Consultant for The Upsell. Helping you communicate better online and in life. @RussLoL

The #1 personal habit that has led to my success is…

“Every day I make an effort to maintain relationships.”

“Understanding the value of, and maintaining, personal and business relationships has been instrumental in every personal and professional opportunity I’ve had. We are so overly connected in our network but there is more effort to document our own lives than consciously making it about other people and proactively building connections. And without asking anything.

Every day, I make an effort to make small gestures to foster those connections, including:

  • Engaging with content that matters most to them
  • Providing advice/help where I can add value, especially when they ask for it.
  • Showing interest in personal moments: birthdays, weddings, condolences during loss, etc.
  • Asking questions that matter to my community and let’s them showcase their experiences and knowledge.

It has to come from a place of accessibility, transparency and authenticity. Or more specifically, I’m myself, approachable and not a selfish ass.”

— Rupesh Patel

Hotelier & founder at Improve your customer service and guest feedback with his training & tools. @SmartGuestscom

“Here are the success habits that keep me motivated and full of life.”

  • I wake up early, everyday including weekends.
  • I stay energized by hitting the gym 6 days per week at 5am.
  • I think about how grateful and fortunate I am.
  • I try to speak with other entrepreneurs or business owners.
  • Be helpful. Although I charge a pretty penny for my hourly business and marketing consulting, I am often happy to jump on calls to give free advice. Never be too busy for others.
  • I ask a lot of questions and tons of “why’s”. Many times I pretend to act as though I don’t know anything just to fully understand others.
  • Share with others. I love marketing, so often you’ll hear me sharing advice on techniques or strategies.
  • Smile!
  • Be positive. Life can be hard…but only if you make it tough. Stay positive. Look at the bright side of things.
  • Say thank you and be appreciative. Often, as business owners or managers, we are so wrapped up in our bubble we forget how hard our staff have been working around us. A simple THANKS goes a long way.”

— Ferdinand Kentjana

“As a business consultant and coach in Bali, Indonesia, my work involves mainly teaching, facilitating, training people, encouraging them to make a positive change through a change of mind set. My final destination is to get them say, “I need to change, and I get to make that change!”

Needless to say, it takes a lot of thinking to influence people. So, my favorite way to relax and increase productivity is… RETREAT!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I simply put all things on hold and take a nap or walk with my wife on the beach. Feeling the breeze and listening to the soothing sound of waves help refresh my mind and body. New, improved ideas start to flow, and I’m excited to get back to implement!”

You can connect with Ferdinand on LinkedIn here.

—Nancy Aucoin

Nancy is a customer care specialist at Martin Dingman. Her success habit is a “cheat sheet”.

“I have a cheat list that tells me everything about that product, a replacement for the product in case it’s out of stock, and the ability to run a report and perhaps find that product at a retail store. I try to make the answer to my customer’s questions as complete as possible, anticipating further questions and heading them off so we don’t have to have a lengthy back and forth.  I want them to know I’m listening and I know what I’m doing. They can trust me.

I read an article about Radar O’Reilly, from the TV show M.A.S.H., and his ability to know what was needed before it was asked for. I have made him my patron saint of Customer Care!”

— Susan Pannozzo, CHA, CHT | Founder & Host of the Hospitality Academy®

I think years of working in the hotel industry, where you are constantly juggling many tasks and the pace can often be overwhelming, has helped to condition me to avoid procrastination and to always have a plan “b” in my back pocket.  So some personal habits that have developed as a result include:

Organizing my day to get the most of it. 

I create monthly, weekly and daily task lists.  My day always starts out with tackling my most important task, or the ones that require the most energy.  That way, not only am I more likely to get it done, but it allows me to go about the rest of the day already feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Read! Read! Read!

I set time aside to read every day. Sometimes it is reading industry related articles on the web, sometimes it is reading an actual print book (yep, they still exist), and sometimes that means listening to an audible book or a podcast.

I am not someone who always had an inherent love for reading, so I have had to work to develop the habit. It gradually became more important to me once I realized the difference it made in my ability to speak with confidence on a variety of topics.  It also sparks my curiosity to learn more on topics I would never have otherwise been interested in.

The other benefit I have found is that reading greatly helps to improve your own writing skills, in all aspects…grammar, spelling, and creativity.  All of which are crucially important regardless of what industry you are in or your role in it.

— Ibrahim Elmiligy

Cluster Director of Engineering for Mövenpick Hotel & Resort in Kuwait, Ibrahim shares his personal habits that have contributed to his success.

  • Building very good team work
  • I prefer to be a trusted manager for my team; even as I treat them all as a father. When I trust & support them they also trust and support me.
  • Keep learning – this is the daily message for me and my team.
  • Always being on time and never late for any appointment. This helped me to build the trust off my team, customers and fellow managers.
  • Checking my e-mail many times per day increased my productivity and response to all my business stockholders.
  • Being an engineer I can’t stop reading. This keeps my team updated regarding new technology and at the same time I learn a lot from hospitality writers such as you Steve.
  • My favorite book is “Discover the Manager Inside You”.

Thanks to my subscribers for sharing their habits. Now it’s up to us to put these to good use and show others how your success habits will make you better than the rest!

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “This is Why Your Success Habits Will Make You Better Than The Rest

  1. Steve, I am a huge believer in attaining knowledge from all sources – books, magazines, blogs, people in general, etc. I feel that if I stopped learning, there wouldn’t be any point in existing!

    My husband used to make a comment to me about “always having to have a book and paper and pen” with me wherever and whenever we go someplace – on a trip, to the mall…wherever. Not anymore, since he has asked me to jot things down for him, so he doesn’t forget something! This is one of my habits that I follow constantly and consistently, because I know if I see or hear something new and interesting, I’ll be regretting it if I don’t note it down! Recently – with the advent of electronic gadgetry- I also use the Notes function on my phone to jot down ideas and other stimuli.

    One of my other habits, learned over the years through customer/Guest service positions I’ve held, is how to listen – to help learn the underlying reason(s) why a customer is visiting. Asking open-ended questions helps to make a customer/Guest feel comfortable in expressing their true reason for their visit and helps me to try and satisfy them with products or services.

    Lastly, I have gathered several good mentors -Mr. Lee Cockerell, Mr. Jody Maberry and you – Mr Steve DiGioia. All of you gentlemen are tops in your fields, and I appreciate everything I have learned from you all! Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,

      You summed-up this post extremely well: “I feel that if I stopped learning, there wouldn’t be any point in existing!” This is so true.

      My hope is that we also learn from each other and take the best points of this post and use them in our own lives to achieve a similar success as others. I also love writing down, and using my cell phone, any small piece of info that I will want to use later.

      Thanks too for your kind words, I’m blushing…

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