This is What You Need to Succeed In Any Job

…13 personality traits of the perfect employee

You’re trying to land the “perfect” job. Your resume is ready, you’ve done your company research and practiced for your interview – but you know something’s missing. This is what you need to succeed in any job…

This is What You Need to Succeed In Any Job
13 Personality Traits of the Perfect Employee


If I hired you I would expect you to be honest and to do what’s in the best interest of my customers. I must have faith in you and believe you will work as I do, with integrity.


My business has succeeded because of many things and above all is dedication. I have dedicated much and given this business my best. Because of my efforts I can now reap the rewards afforded me and look for others to share in the good fortune.


I have worked when tired, sick or feeling “blue” – that hasn’t stopped me. My customers expect much and it’s my job to take care of them. My problems are my own and will never lower the level of service I provide because of any issue I have. I am committed. Can you say the same?

Professionalism: Punctuality and Respect

Much can be said about today’s young workforce. They are bright and full of ideas – but many lack two basic characteristics of a professional. You must be on time and show respect for the customers, your fellow employees and most importantly yourself.

Your employer is not concerned that:

  • The train was late or
  • There was bumper-to-bumper traffic during your ride to work.

A professional plans ahead and leaves enough time to allow for the mishaps that plague everyone each day. Respect your job and how others look at you.

Ability to Work with Others

We’ve all heard “we’re a team” or “we’re all in this together”. That’s true, so get used to it. The lone wolf mindset doesn’t work well in today’s society; we are a social bunch and our customers are no different.

Employers expect their employees to evaluate the problem, develop a solution and execute all the steps needed for a successful resolution. You can’t keep running to the boss for answers; you’re hired to find solutions not create more problems for the boss.

Rely on your fellow team mates to find out what works and what doesn’t. Communication and strong people skills will take you far.

Willingness to Work Long Hours

I wish I can say you’ll only work 40 hours a week, but I can’t. Competition is tough. Businesses need employees that are willing to work when needed. Businesses don’t plan for overtime but welcome it when appropriate. There is good overtime and bad overtime.

Wasted hours will always be frowned upon but when the “business is there” we expect you to be there too.

Be Flexible: Avoid “That’s Not My Job” Syndrome

If there’s any one phrase that drives a boss nuts it’s “that’s not my job”. Do yourself a favor and remove this phrase from your mind now. Prepare to do what’s needed to service the customer, whether it’s your job or not.

Ability to Deal with Stressful Situations

Success doesn’t come easy; there will be mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome. Next will be stress; the always present weight on your shoulders.

I used to keep a framed quote on my desk that read “the measure of a man is how he handles adversity”. Be the one that others look up to when times are tough. That’s the start of true leadership.

Ability to Make Good Decisions

Well-reasoned thinking is what your employer needs. Don’t be rash and rush off to make the sale before you size-up your customer.

  • Know what he needs
  • Why he needs it and
  • How similar products and service are priced.

Good decisions are made by a good understanding of the situation. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off your team mates; remember; we’re all in this together.

Good Communication Skills

As a company representative, you’re expected to know your business well and have the ability to share with others what we do and how we do it. Your talents of speaking well, getting to the point quickly, reading people and positive body language are priceless.

Read team building books, watch videos on how to interpret body language and join a group like Toastmasters where you can practice and improve your public speaking. Great communicators aren’t born, they’re made.

Enjoy Providing Service

Your employer can teach you the skills needed for your job but can’t teach the most needed skill of all – your desire to “serve” others. You must want to help, assist and make a difference in a customer’s day. Providing service must never be a chore that “has to be done”. It must come willingly and be a natural part of who you are.

Strong Desire to Exceed Guest Expectations

Being “good enough” is never good enough. You must always be better and can do better. This is what your boss wants and what’s needed for success. Your customer, your guest, expects even more.

They are not satisfied with status quo or average, they want great. Strive to exceed their expectations every time and to create a memory. That’s what keeps your customer coming back for more.

Anticipate Guest Needs

Exceeding guest expectations doesn’t come without hard work and a lot of preplanning. When things go wrong, and they will, is not the time to think of “what do we do next?” You must already have a plan in place and taken the steps ahead of time so you’ll never actually need your plan.

Think like they do and answer these questions before your customer steps foot in the door:

  • “What will they like?”
  • “How will they use the product?”
  • “Does it work as advertised?”
  • “Can we deliver what we promised?”

There’s no magic formula in business and frankly, no such thing as a perfect employee. But with hard work, a healthy dose of common sense and these 13 personality traits you’ll be well on your way to succeed in any job!

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6 thoughts on “This is What You Need to Succeed In Any Job

  1. Hi Steve

    A very happy new year to you, your family and your followers
    I cannot disagree with any of the requisites that you have identified, in the perfect employee. However, in my experience, managers and employers, at times, tend to “sell” the role to a prospective employee because they are desperate for staff. The prospective applicants gets taken up by the “hardsell” and are disappointed when they commence the role as it is not what was sold to them at the interview.

    It would be interesting to read about your thoughts on the perfect employer.



    • Hi Dmr,
      Thanks much, Happy New Year to you and yours too!
      Sounds like the “warm body” syndrome where anyone with a pulse is hired, happens to the best of “us”. I guess that just as the applicant puts himself in the best light possible so too does the employer – they would never mention all the behind-the-scenes problems they have.

      I have written many times on what an employer should do but not in this same context, thanks friend.

  2. Hi Steve! First off, I would like to wish you and yours a very happy and success-filled New Year!
    Also, I enjoyed reading this post, since it outlines most succinctly what every manager looks for – or should be looking for- in anyone they hire. Remembering back to a previous post of yours, hire the right people, then worry about training them for your culture.
    Lastly, I heartily believe that learning shouldn’t stop one you have done the training – there is always room to improve oneself (ice, Toastmasters for communication skills). After all, if you have a passion for what you want to do, why not be the best You you can be?

    • Hi Lisa,
      A Happy New Year to you and yours too, thanks!
      Over the years I have seen all kinds of applicants and most lack one think that I forgot to add to the post; passion.

      I need to see he passion in their eyes and hear it from their lips. These are the people that I look for and wish to hire but sadly don’t see enough of.