The 8 Remarkable Traits of Leadership

What makes a leader? Is it making great speeches or bossing others around? Of course not...

Leadership.  We all wish that others thought of us as a leader.  We have the skills, the drive and the “intestinal fortitude“…(whatever that is).  We work hard, overtime as needed, without complaining.  We help our coworkers and have come up with plenty of new procedures and policies that have stream-lined the department.  But is that all it takes?

traits of leadership

Is that all that’s needed to get the promotion, the raise, or the real leadership position?  Probably not.

I have seen plenty of “leaders” that were good workers but have been utter cowards, without the ability to make a decision, unwilling to personally take on the tasks unable of others or have been a bully.

They were delegators, it’s always the responsibility of someone else.  They were unable to build a team…but they could build a wall between coworkers or departments.  Unclear in their direction…an obfuscator.

That’s NOT what a leader is.  So, what traits do REAL leaders possess?

Here’s my “8 Remarkable Traits of Leadership” video.  Let’s see how many of these traits YOU possess…

I ask again, how many of these traits do YOU possess? ➤Leave a comment below and add to the discussion, thanks.

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