How to Tell if Your Favorite Brand Monitors Social Media

Do you reach out on social media to the businesses you purchase from? If not, why not? Your Facebook or Twitter account provides an opportunity to let them know how happy you are with their product – or not!

How to Tell if Your Favorite Brand Monitors Social Media

So, how do you tell if your favorite brand monitors social media?

Many of you have read an earlier post of mine where I told the story of when Zappos, very unexpectedly, sent me a tweet in response to a conversation I had with a friend in a Twitter chat room. If not, here’s the link:

Well, it turns out that Zappos, besides being great at customer service, is also great at responding to social media mentions. Well a similar thing happened last month, this time with Vistaprint.

I received my order of new business cards from Vistaprint and wasn’t happy with the background color compared to what it looked like on their website. Since their website proudly stated 100% customer service satisfaction, I decided to try it out.

After a phone call to their customer service department, my issue was quickly fixed and a new set of cards was ordered for me, free of charge. Working with them was so easy – with no issues. Seems their 100% is well deserved.

The next day I took to Twitter and posted:

“Just called @Vistaprint to “complain” about my business card order. They reprinted as I requested – no questions asked. Thank you, great service!”

Here’s their response less than 1 hour later:

Businesses that monitor social media want to know what their customers are saying about them; they’re interested in feedback. That’s how they know if they are “doing right” by their customers.

A complaint is a gift just as a positive comment is. It provides an opportunity to fix the issues at hand so others don’t suffer the same fate. Click To Tweet

My recommendation, don’t feel shy about contacting a company on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account. If you had a poor service issue, let them know. If you had great service, definitely let them know. I bet they’ll be happy to hear from you.

And, you’d be surprised at their response; it’s been good for me so far.

A week after the Vistaprint saga, and as I walked through New York’s Penn Station, guess what I saw at the United Airlines store? Believe it or not there was a Mariachi band playing at 7:30 in the morning! Needless to say it was a surprise, and very cool too.

I tweeted the above photo to United with a note saying:

“Music in the morning from United Airlines”.

Haven’t heard anything back yet…

…guess they don’t monitor social media!

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4 thoughts on “How to Tell if Your Favorite Brand Monitors Social Media

  1. Steve, that idea of a mariachi band is awesome! It would definitely put a spring in MY step! Too bad United Airlines didn’t answer…so much for the “friendly skies”!
    Any company worth their salt should take a look at social media. So many postings could give them fresh ideas on what to do and what not to do in keeping customers and Guests -and generating new customers and Guests. Besides, isn’t that what all businesses are supposed to strive for – keeping their clientele happy and informed?

    • The band WAS great and it’s good to see they take a different approach to WOW’ing the customers. But in today’s social media world they do need to be the “same” as the other leaders who keep connected to their followers. Thanks Lisa.