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Steve DiGioia, customer service trainer and coachI have had the pleasure of working for many fine organizations throughout my 20+ year career in the restaurant & hotel industry where I have been personally responsible for the development and facilitation of new employee orientation classes, one-on-one training/coaching sessions and evaluation of existing standard operating procedures to ensure peak performance.

One of the best parts of my job has been to help countless employees, and managers alike, hone their skills to ensure their focus is on the customer first by anticipating their needs and ensuring that we go above and beyond their expectations.  Too many times we get bogged-down in our day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that take us away from our goal.  That’s an easy trap.

Once we forget what our primary focus is the customer, our guest, we will never reach the heights of service or profitability as we desire.  The needs of the customer must come before our own.  It’s as simple as that! Throughout my customer service career and when there is a need for improvements, increased performance, service training & leadership I seem to be the one called on to help; hence my nickname, the “go to guy“.

I am happy to share my expertise as a featured contributor to

many of hospitality’s leading websites and magazines such as Bizcatalyst 360, Hotel F&B Observer Magazine, the Hsyndicate Network, Hotel-Online.com, Hotel News Resource and many more.

My articles are also syndicated on Alltop.com, Customer Think.com, Customer Experience Update.com, Business2Community.com, Call Centre Helper.com and My Customer.com.

►My wish for this website is to share my proven training methods and customer service ideas with you and hope you have the same good fortune as I have had.

I am available for interviews, quotes, podcasts and other ways to share ideas.  Just send me an email and we can start right away – steve@stevedigioia.com

The opportunity to “give back” to others, to pass along knowledge and train the next generation of hospitality and customer service professionals, is my continual focus.

My Favorite Quote: “The excellence reflex is a natural reaction to fix something that isn’t right, or to improve something that could be better. The excellence reflex is rooted in instinct and upbringing, and then constantly honed through awareness, caring, and practice.

The overarching concern to do the right thing well is something we can’t train for. Either it’s there or it isn’t.”

From: Setting the Table, written by award winning New York restaurateur Danny Meyer.

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