Scott McKain’s Podcast Discussing “I’m a Waiter, Not a Salesman”'s great to have my article featured

Every once in a while you find out that others appreciate your work, it’s a great feeling.  In this case, Scott McKain, member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame and author of three #1 business bestsellers, discusses one of my recent posts, “I’m a Waiter, Not a Salesman” on his “Project Distinct” Podcast.

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Here’s Why 2017 Might NOT Be The Best For Service

…a tongue-and-cheek look at what customer service might be

Year after year we hope service and the customer experience gets better. But great service comes at a cost, a high labor cost that many businesses are not willing or able to pay. So what are their options? Technology, that’s it. Or is it?

2017 Might NOT Be The Best For Service

Chat Bots

Ever see those little boxes that pop up on the bottom right of your screen saying “Hi, I’m Susan and I’m here to help you”?  Come on, do you really think Susan is there to answer your questions?  Well, when these “bots” first started to appear, I must admit I did!  I felt so foolish when I realized it was just another way to interact with the online customer.

“Chat bots”, short for chat robot, is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence.*

I thought email was the preferred method to contact a business’s service or help desk.  Now I need to deal with a talking computer?  I guess I’m still old fashioned.

Virtual Reality and Holograms

This cutting edge technology can allow a customer to stand still while they virtually “try on” various articles of clothing.  Just (more…)

Your Customers Don’t Deserve To Be Treated This Way

…is THIS the best you can do?

It was the attitude I disliked the most.  Why do they feel this way?  Where did they get their lack of thoughtfulness?  Why don’t they care about the customer?  These kids have no work ethic anymore, I just don’t understand…

Customers Don't Deserve To Be Treated This Way

Those in a position to hire face it every day.  Potential employees who in years past wouldn’t receive the time of day from a hiring manager now line up and “expect” a coveted customer-facing position at your company. Do they deserve it?  What have they done to make you believe your customer would be better off with him or her assisting in the sale?  Should you give him a chance?

We will see later how important this decision will become. (more…)

Here’s My YouTube Hangout with Evan Carmichael

As a follow-up to my previous post “11 Industry Experts Discuss “What’s More Important: Customer First or Profit First?”, I contacted Evan Carmichael – who offered to provide his response in a LIVE YouTube Hangout.  Watch it below.

Evan Carmichael was named one of the Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers by Inc. Magazine and is an Entrepreneurship Expert helping countless people reach their dreams.  Visit his website here or follow him on Twitter @EvanCarmichael.

Thanks Evan!

Glad to be Voted: ICMI’s Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter 2016

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) is the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer  management professionals. Each year they compile a list of the top 50 “thought leaders” in the customer service and call center industry.

ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter 2016

So happy to be included in the list for yr 2016.  Thank you to all who voted for me.

Click here to see the full list on the ICMI website or here to see a PDF listing.

What a great Christmas gift!


13 Powerful Job Interview Tips You Need to Know Now

The dreaded job interview, everyone hates them.  But here’s the key to having a great interview – you must show how, based on your past proven experience, you (over anyone else) can bring value to the company.  Here’s some information your next boss will want to know:

Job Interview Tips

1. Is this someone we want to work with for years to come?

2. Is this someone who can fix the problems we are having in this department?

  • If so, how?  You must explain specific situations where your experience/skills have overcome situations that have cost your previous company money, or provided poor customer service

3. Can he/she bring the same success he has shown in the past to our company?

  • Does he have an action plan that is easy to replicate?  Can he do it here?

4. What measurable benefits have you brought to your past employers? (more…)