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I’ve had the pleasure to meet many wonderful customer service professionals who are leaders in their respective fields and niches. I was amazed at how warm and welcoming they have been and their willingness to embrace, support and welcome me into their fold. Today, I start my first “Leadership Series” of articles that profiles one of these leaders. Sit back and enjoy some behind-the-scene insight into their world.

Leadership Series: Kate Nasser

We start off with Kate Nasser, founder of CAS, Inc. Kate provides customized training, coaching and people skills workshops and is an award winning blogger and speaker.

Q1. Hi Kate, thanks for being the 1st person profiled for my new leadership series – great to have you aboard! Let’s get started. What interested you in public speaking, training and conducting workshops and how did you get into the industry?

I got into the speaking & training arena when I started my own business. I had been working in computers for many years and saw how my technical colleagues struggled with the customer service aspect of computer support. They didn’t have the people skills to work with the customers and solve their problems. So, my business plan was to teach techies how to talk to other human beings throughout the business. They loved my workshops because I was a techie and could help them learn better people skills.

Q2. What was the turning point that led you from being a high school teacher to The People Skills Coach™?

I was a high school math teacher for only a few months. Despite my love of teaching I knew early on that public school teaching was not my niche. I became a computer programmer, a systems analyst, and then moved into technical end user support.  It was there that I combined my natural customer service skills and my love of working with people. Yet I was still dissatisfied with my life.  I left and started my own business and became The People Skills Coach™.

Q3. Where did you get the name “The People Skills Coach™”?

It was clear in the early stages of my business that I would be delivering workshops on customer service, teamwork, and leadership. The common element in all the workshops was skills to interact and work better together. That’s people skills!  I never liked the phrase soft skills because it minimizes their importance. So in the end, I chose The People Skills Coach™ as my title.

Q4. What is the best part of your career?

The best part of my business is twofold: Inspiring people to greatness in customer service, teamwork, and leadership AND delivering tangible steps to deliver excellence in those fields.

Q5. What are your top 5 tips for great customer service?

  1. Find your caring spirit and use it with customers, teammates, and employees.
  2. Treat ALL customers with respect.
  3. Listen to learn everything.
  4. Deliver what you promise.
  5. Build trust and memorable moments.

Thanks so much Kate for sharing some insights on how you got into this industry and proving that a burning desire to lead and inspire others can make all the difference. What a great way to start this series!

Visit Kate’s website for info on her training programs and workshops or follow her on Twitter. You’ll be glad you did!

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4 thoughts on “Leadership Series: Kate Nasser

  1. Hi Steve, really cool to hear Kate’s story. I look forward to reading more of your interviews in this series! A programmer with customer service/people skills can be a really powerful force within an organization.

  2. Hello, Steve! just wanted to tell you that I like this new Leadership Series creation of yours! I can see it helping many people out here because I know you will be interviewing some really interesting leaders in various fields – which will cover a lot of territory of the business world. The opening interview with Kate Nasser was wonderful! Kate’s use of the title The People Skills Coach seems to sum up the whole idea that whoever you are or whatever line of business you are in, you need to be able to talk to and relate to people. This idea of helping “convert” a business’ jargon to everyday speech that is understandable by the typical lay person is a thoughtful first step in being able to move communications forward. Believe me that when my computer programmer/ senior software engineer etc. husband takes computerese, he leaves a huge void between himself and myself. When he teaches the Programming merit badge at a Boy Scout function, I have to remind him that most young people know something of computers, but he still needs to keep it simple, too!
    Kudos to both you – for this new series, of course – and to Kate as well for her insights!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Glad you like this new series, that’s my plan. I look forward to interviewing many great people and sharing their story with my readers. Feel free to share any of these stories, I know the leaders will appreciate it, as do I.