Here’s Proof of the Great Zappo’s Service

A week or so ago I was again taking part in my favorite tweet chat, #custserv, hosted by Marsha Collier, Roy Atkinson, Al Hopper and Greg Ortbach that takes place every Tuesday evenings 9pm ET.

Here's Proof of the Great Zappo's Service

During the chat I answered a question as you can see below:

It was answered by fellow chat member Nate Brown who innocently tagged Zappo’s in the tweet…

In the freewheeling spirit of the chat I answered Nate…

Lo and behold, within 1 minute we received this tweet from Zappo’s…

Now, we have all heard about the great service Zappo’s provides and how they set the standard for engagement with their customers.  But I had no idea that they apparently have personnel monitoring social media for mentions of their company and respond in such a timely and unique way.  Hover over me for more info

What can we learn from this?

Customer engagement takes on many forms, over and above the actual direct transaction and purchase of a product or service.  Too many times the business moves onto the next customer, steadfast in the notion the customer will undoubtedly return.

But will they?

We enjoy periodic communication with college room mates, past coworkers and far away family; since we wish to always be in their thoughts, but too many businesses fail to do the same with their customers.

How many times do you get an email, text or “snail mail” from a business you frequent that isn’t a direct promotional piece?  Probably never, or at least rarely.  Businesses like Zappos takes a different approach to customer contact, and almost every thing else.

So what’s the outcome of this?  Well, by their unexpected tweets, Zappos impressed me and I willingly wrote this post about the company.  Now, “tens of thousands” of people will read this post and have a positive impression of the company – an impression that may lead to a future purchase or at least the sharing of this story.

Bottom line: provide value to your customers and unexpected engagement.  Priceless…

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Proof of the Great Zappo’s Service

  1. Steve, customers do seem to enjoy the unexpected. Sure, you can send the usual “sale brochure”, but I believe that most such advertisements end up being trashed or recycled. Originality catches the eye. Maybe the Crazy Eddie car ads were a bit much, but they had people talking, didn’t they?
    Of course, your business or office doesn’t have to go this far…just treat your customers (or Guests, as Disney refers to them!) to the best experience they can have when they visit and throw in an unexpected touch (a Customer Appreciation card brings out a smile, believe me!), so they can remember your business. Maybe they might refer a friend, too!

    • Hi Lisa,
      We are conditioned from an early age that receiving a card or message is important, whether good or bad, it’s something we must take notice of.
      This continues throughout our lives.

      In today’s social media world the conditioning continues with notifications and news of things around us. We still long to be informed.

      Receiving the unexpected contact from a business has the same effect on us, especially when it’s good news or a welcomed offer. It makes us feel as we did a young child receiving a birthday card from a far away relative, we couldn’t wait to open it.

      Businesses that provide the same unexpected welcome go a long way toward keeping the relationship open…and revenue flowing.

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