🖉 Guest Posting

Are You Interested in Writing a Guest Post to be Featured Here?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest blogger for Steve DiGioia.com.  As you have already read within these pages, my blog focuses on 3 primary topics:

Customer Service, Management & Leadership

These are the topics that are of interest to me and my readers.  With this in mind, all guest postings must fit within these topics.

Guest Blogger

Submission Process

Send your completed 400-800 word post as a Word document attachment to steve@stevedigioia.com with a subject line of “Request for Guest Blog Post”.  All attachments will be scanned for viruses and please, no spam!  Include an “About the Author” biography of approximately 60 words and a clear “headshot” photo that I will include with the post.

Your guest post can contain 1 link within the body of the post and up to 2 links in the “About the Author” section. You may link to your website, book, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, etc. But please, no links to advertisements or anything a reasonable person may feel is inappropriate.

You may also provide a high resolution photo, 600 pixels wide, to be included at the top of the post that is relative to the content.  Please include the author or website attribution if you don’t hold the rights to the photo.

Approval Process

If your post falls within these guidelines it will reach the editing process.  I will contact you within 2 weeks to confirm this step.

The Editing Process

I reserve the right to edit the content, including the article title, to ensure it is formatted in a similar style as my existing content.  This ensures consistent visual impact.  I will also edit to correct grammar and spelling mistakes and remove any redundancy (a fancy way of saying “not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous” – but hopefully you have already done this.

Once the post has been edited, as minimally needed, I will send you a draft for your approval.  Once we are both happy with your submission it should “go live” and appear on the site within 30 days.

Social Media Sharing

As I will share your guest post with my social media sites I ask you to do the same.  That’s the benefit of guest posting right?  To share our words with the people we know.

I also ask you to reply to comments made here on your post.  This will allow my readers to get to know you a little better and increase the value of your guest post.

Post Ownership

One thing I learned from a very wise expert: you can’t own my “intellectual property”.  I wouldn’t allow some website to own my content so I won’t ask to own yours either.  You retain full rights to your post but I hold rights to continue its feature on my site as appropriate and reasonable.

The one thing I must ask that you delay posting this same content on your or any other website for 14 days.  After that, please feel free to do with your material as you see fit.  But, if you do post this content elsewhere, it must include the verbiage:

“This post was originally featured on http://stevedigioia.com/blog and is reprinted here with permission.”

This is one of those terrible aspects of “duplicate content” that Google hates and will penalizes both websites for.

Final Reservations

I apologize ahead of time but not all submissions will be accepted.  This is to ensure the quality and content is appropriate to my readers.  I may request some minor revisions to your submission so it falls within the overall guidelines and intent of this blog.

As the owner of this blog, I must also agree with the basic premise of your article.  All published content, whether yours or mine,  must have a consistent focus and follow my belief of “do what’s in the best interest of the customer”.

What I Won’t Accept

  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that’s too promotional for your company or organization.
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies — this is not a site to air grievances or make enemies.

I am fully aware that not all submissions will come from famous content writers or leaders within the customer service field.  But that doesn’t mean that your ideas don’t have merit. If you have something to say that is of value and benefit to others, and especially the readers of this blog, I welcome your submission.

That’s it, seems simple, right?

Let’s get started, send me your guest post today!