This is How a Work Bully Ruins Your Business

He has been “allowed” to set his own rules, come and go as needed, treats fellow employees poorly and is an all-around jerk – but nobody usually sees his worst actions. Oh, sure, he’s the model employee when the boss is around but other times he expects, no, he demands, others follow his rules. He’s a work bully.

work bully

This is how we do it here”, “listen, you’re not gonna change my way of doing things” or “hey, you just got here, you haven’t been here long enough to voice your opinion”. Ever been told something like this?

For a business to prosper there must be a never ending pursuit of excellence (unless the “gods of good fortune” continually shine on you).

  • Are your long term employees stifling new ideas?
  • Do you employ people that are unwilling to change?
  • Have you created an environment where employees fear making a mistake so they continually take the “safe way” of doing business?

Having employees that are unwilling to try something new; whether it’s a different business practice or taking a suggestion from others or dare I say “sharing the spotlight” with the “new guy” is a sure way to limit your success.

And, worst of all, the employees clearly see the stress placed on others and the tension mount in all. Because you have a work bully.

When ownership refuses to see, or intentionally (more…)

The 6 C’s of Leadership 2017 them, learn from them and put them into practice

Are you in search of leadership skills? Skills that will catapult your career to heights not yet imagined? What is the secret to great leadership?

The 6 C's of Leadership

Frankly, there is no “secret”, only a series of skills needed that will separate you from most would-be leaders who are nothing more than just “managers”.

Here Are The 6 C’s of Leadership 2017

How many do you possess?

Study them, learn from them and put them into practice. Imagine you already have all 6, good luck!


Your morals and steadfastness to always “do what’s right” sets the tone. People know where you stand and what you stand for. Don’t come to this leader with some half-baked idea that is shady at best.


You have the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. No wonder you always seem to get your way. The room lights-up when you enter. You may be the other “most interesting man in the world”. (more…)

6 Leadership Techniques to Inspire a Team

Today’s guest post is from Alex of Apex Window Werks. Here he discusses leadership styles that he uses to develop and inspire his team.

Being a leader today means leading a team in a world that is constantly evolving. Whether leading a sports team, a debate team or a team in the professional working environment, finding a way to keep ones team motivated helps the group meet the end goal.

Leadership Techniques to Inspire a Team

For team members to successfully carry out their tasks leaders need to be creative in developing techniques tailor made for their group and including them into their personal leadership style.

The following 6 leadership techniques have proven to boost team moral and inspire team members to go beyond just being an employee.

Know Your Leadership Style

As a leader it is important to know your leadership style and identify whether it will work for the group you are leading. Leaders need to be open to altering their leadership and management style so that they steer the team in the right direction.

If the leader is more autocratic, and the team members work better on their own (function more efficiently under the laissez-faire leadership style), leaders should consider taking a step back so progress is made in the group but supervise, and make themselves available to give input and feedback where necessary. This way the team morale is maintained and a sense of pride for the work done can be the reward. (more…)

Great Leadership Comes From Within, Here’s My Proof

Since 2013 I’ve had the pleasure of being part of a wonderful organization, Bizcatalyst 360 led by Dennis Pitocco, where I am also a Featured Contributor and member of their “Thought Leadership” Panel. I get to interact and share ideas with a vast array of top leaders in their chosen field. There is no price that can be put on opportunities like these.

Leadership Comes From Within

Recently, Dennis asked the group to contribute our thoughts by answering 10 questions on leadership and how our leadership skills and mindset were formed. Below are my answers that I am happy to share with you.

How Do You Become a Better Leader?

1. Did anyone have a tremendous impact on your leadership journey and if so, how?

An old respected boss always told me “make it the best you can at all times”. Seems simple enough but too few follow this advice. Customers will notice and appreciate your efforts to provide the best products and services.

2. What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of an organization?

We must understand that:  A good leader brings out the best in others so they may one day be a leader too. Click To TweetEach of us possesses skills that, if allowed to be used, will benefit all. The difficult part is recognizing the specific methods that work best when motivating others.

3. How do you encourage people to take control and responsibility?

I train my employees to “put yourself in the customer’s shoes”. If we wouldn’t be happy with the product or service we provide, how can we expect others to be happy with it? We are aware of our shortcomings and still “sell our product”. But, if the customer knew about it, would they be happy? (more…)

Never Underestimate the Potential From These 3 Surprising Sources

Every business has one or more employees that seem to take a back seat to the day-to-day machinations of business. Dutifully they perform as intended and do their best but are not looked at in times of need or expected to do much more. They are “the workers”.

Never Underestimate the Potential

For several years after he graduated from high school, George has been trying to find a full-time job.  He attended college shortly but that didn’t seem the correct fit for him; he was more into “hands on” things.  Of course his mom has known that ever since he was small; he has always been rather independent and stubborn.

In his younger years he joined the local Boy Scout troop. The troop’s elders saw glimmers of leadership emerging – but that’s what the Scouts do – teach leadership and values.  He rose to the rank of Life Scout, but didn’t feel the urge to go for Eagle. Another opportunity lost? Maybe…

George now works full time as a valet at a local branch of a major auto dealership.  What he likes most about this job is the opportunity for advancement.  Needless to say, his family is proud of his efforts.  His first three months of work has taught him diligence and responsibility, especially when called on to pick up the slack for a few of his coworkers.

One Saturday, he was the (more…)

Change Agent or King of Status Quo? Which Are You?

Aren’t you tired of hearing customers complain?  Tired of low productivity and high payroll costs? Tired of watching your service scores fall month after month?  What are you doing about it?  Are you a change agent or the king of status quo?

change agent or king of status quo

A successful business is dependent upon the unwavering ability to identify challenges, evaluate a new course of action and put into effect the processes and procedures to make it happen.  You must be willing to change as needed…until it works!

Sadly, too few are willing to put in the effort to do this.

We sit through many unproductive meetings discussing the issues at hand but never come out with tangible solutions and an action plan to improve.  Why is this?

What role do you play in your organization?

The King of Status Quo

“Oh, things will never change”.  “I doubt he (the boss) will want to do it”.  “We’ve always done it this way”. “But we tried that already”.  “It’s not in the budget”.

Do these statements sound familiar? (more…)

The Great Leader Right Under Your Nose

...Never take your existing employees for granted

The schoolyard created natural leaders. They were the ones that chose the teams. They were the first ones at bat, their friends sided with their opinions and they led the way with their rebellious streak. You can spot them a mile away.

Great Leader Right Under Your Nose

In business it’s not always that easy to find a leader.

Sure, we always hear about Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, et al. We easily recognize these titans of business and how their leadership has guided their companies to prosperity.

But what about the great leader right under your nose?

To fill that vacant leadership/management position we search through resume after resume for the perfect applicant. We try hard to entice the high performers from our competition.  We contact headhunters and willingly spend top dollar to find the best available candidate.

Then, when that newly hired superstar disappoints, we wonder why…

“He was the best candidate that we interviewed by far! I wonder what went wrong”.  “It turns out he really isn’t a good fit for our culture”.  “He’s taking too long to adapt to our ways of doing things, I don’t think he’s going to work out”.

Today's immediate society creates falsehoods of a quick fix. Click To Tweet

35 Reason Book - Featured Header 1200 x 50


7 Ways You Force Your Employees to Quit created an atmosphere where no one can be successful or appreciated.

The boss is never wrong.  His/her decisions are right and for all the obvious reasons; he knows better, he has the experience and he was put in charge because he’s the best qualified person the company has.  Come on now, you know that’s B.S.!

Ways You Force Your Employees to Quit - Steve DiGioia

More great employees were “forced” to quit because of the failure of leadership than for any other reason.

What I mean by “forced to quit” is that they were put in a position where their efforts were in vain.  Their belief was that quitting is better than staying at a job/company where they have no future.  At least not if they wish to be an integral part of the business.

Sure, if they wanted to stay in their entry level position where little is expected of them, they may ultimately retire from the firm.  But since they have ambition and strive to be better, they joined the ranks of management.  They hope and expect their service and knowledge will help grow the company.

Boy, were they wrong. (more…)

Here’s Why My Cat Can Never be a Customer Service Leader

A touch of independence mixed with patience, possessing a definite superiority complex and territorial.  These are some characteristics associated with the common house cat.  But what if we in the customer service industry held these same traits dear to our heart?

customer service leader

My cat is not responsible for anyone other than herself.  She wakes when she wants, at least not until she hears me rustle in the kitchen, and seems to not have a care in the world.  But we have employees that answer to us. They look to us for direction and we must coach and council those that fail to abide by established norms.

Once we are independent of others our team will fail because of lack of leadership and poor cooperation with fellow coworkers.

We can’t sit in our big comfy chair so sovereign in our beliefs that we hold no expectation to assist others.

Cats aren’t team players.

Another cat trait is acting as if (more…)

35 Reasons Why You’re Not a Good Leader – Part 2

Once again we identify the reasons for failure, reasons why your employees feel isolated and the reasons why you’re not a good leader.  Maybe YOU’RE the weak link in the company’s chain.  I hope not.  Here’s Part 2.

not a good leader


18.  Fail to recognize employee milestones

  • Do you even know the birthdays of your employees, or their work anniversary?

19.  Brag about your accomplishments

  • Your employees don’t care about your past accomplishments or plaques on your walls.  Help them get their own awards and recognition

20. Belittle the accomplishments of others

Every employee is proud of their work. Show them daily gratitude and praise Click To Tweet

21.  Push your agenda above others

  • Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean that your pet projects should come first

22.  Fail to follow up or delay action on employee concerns

  • Are you always too busy to talk to your employees?  Do they “bother” you with their questions?  Maybe the problem is you instead of them