Has Common Decency Finally Become Obsolete?

…You deserve nothing less from your customers

I never wanted others to think I was a jerk.  Being an average kid, I spent my share of time in the company of other jerks.  I hated how they acted and many of the things they said.  I was NOT going to be like them!

common decency

Then my 20’s came and it was full steam ahead into the dating years.  Can’t be a jerk then either.  Be a jerk, no girl.  Not a jerk, yes, a girl…

Then I grew up…

As some point in our lives we realize that we need to grow up and be an adult.  Of course we never have to lose our playfulness or child-like wonder and curiosity.  But society expects much from us and we must deliver.

Then, as Malcolm Gladwell states in his book “Outliers: The Story of Success”, we spend the next 10,000 hours to master a skill so we may be the best in our industry.  Our career is full steam ahead.

We’ve waited for this moment, this exact time, and place, so we may show what we have learned and who we are. Then it happens…

You come across an unreasonable and inconsiderate customer hell-bent on

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How to Take Control of Your Blood Sucking Customers

You chase after your customers, hoping to be liked so they buy your product.  In your eyes they can’t do anything wrong, you bend over backwards and give freebies to these blood sucking customers of yours.

Blood Sucking Customers

And still they complain.

They do more than just complain, they make a scene in front of other customers or yell for a “manager” for no apparent reason.  You do all you can to make them happy…

And still they complain.

Their invoices aren’t paid on time, they make constant changes to their agreed upon plans and they always bemoan about being “nicked & dimed”.  So you look the other way and let them slide…

And still they complain.

No matter what you do to please them there is always a problem.

Why do you put up with this?

You were taught “the customer is always right”.  They pay your bills, your salary and they are your future so yes, they are always right.  So what if they sometimes are

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The Shocking Truth About Self Service

...when self-serve stations are no help at all

It’s designed to speed up the process of purchase, supposed to give another option to the consumer.  It’s indented to allow the customer “in-the-know” to quickly get their item(s) without having to wait on a long line.

Shocking Truth About Self Service

And, it’s also the best method of reducing the #1 business cost; labor/payroll.  More about that later…

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They’re not supposed to, it’s all a scam!

If we are to believe that installing self serve check-out counters are in our best interest, why not install more and really do away with the live cashier altogether?  But that’s already happening.

Here’s an example:

Stop by your local Home Depot on any weekday and see how many self check-out lanes/terminals there are versus those with a living breathing human.  What do you see?  Two lanes with a person and 2 lanes each with 4 self checkout terminals.

Sure, on the self serve line you will see the occasional 30+ year old man that came in just to buy a few screws and picture hangers, he goes through pretty quickly.  But what about the woman trying to buy 4 bags of garden soil?  She can’t get anywhere near the human counter because all the contractor dudes are

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Your Customer Doesn’t Care About You and How To Fix That

...you may have your own stuff to talk about but not during working hours.

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls.  Things never seem to go as planned or as we hoped.  It’s understandable that we would become discouraged or upset when this happens and take our problems to work.

Your Customer Doesn’t Care About You

“I’m going to speak with Sheila when I get to work, she is always good with things like this”, you may say.  You get to work, punch-in and start your shift at the restaurant or customer service desk.  As soon as Sheila arrives you start to tell her your problems, diligently waiting for her sound advice.

But what you fail to realize is that phones are ringing, customers are waiting in line and they are getting upset.  Upset that the person that should be taking care of them is more focused on their own issues than providing service to the cash-paying customer.

The customers don’t care about our problems, should they?

When has it become acceptable to start or enter into a non work related conversation with a fellow employee when you are “on the floor”?

How can you realize if your guests are in need of something or if their food is waiting under the kitchen heat lamp when you’re talking about your date last night or your favorite football team?  The goal of any business is to provide the highest level of service to their customers but how can you, as the business representative, do this if you are not paying attention to your guest!

“Yeah, but I just left my table, they were fine.  I refilled their water and bread basket and asked if they needed anything else.  What more do you want from me?” you may say.

You must be laser-focused on the customer, from the moment they enter your business until they leave!

Do you think that when some star baseball player is in the batting cage he is BS’ing about

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