6 Leadership Techniques to Inspire a Team

Today’s guest post is from Alex of Apex Window Werks. Here he discusses leadership styles that he uses to develop and inspire his team.

Being a leader today means leading a team in a world that is constantly evolving. Whether leading a sports team, a debate team or a team in the professional working environment, finding a way to keep ones team motivated helps the group meet the end goal.

Leadership Techniques to Inspire a Team

For team members to successfully carry out their tasks leaders need to be creative in developing techniques tailor made for their group and including them into their personal leadership style.

The following 6 leadership techniques have proven to boost team moral and inspire team members to go beyond just being an employee.

Know Your Leadership Style

As a leader it is important to know your leadership style and identify whether it will work for the group you are leading. Leaders need to be open to altering their leadership and management style so that they steer the team in the right direction.

If the leader is more autocratic, and the team members work better on their own (function more efficiently under the laissez-faire leadership style), leaders should consider taking a step back so progress is made in the group but supervise, and make themselves available to give input and feedback where necessary. This way the team morale is maintained and a sense of pride for the work done can be the reward.

Focus on Individual Member Strengths

The beauty of working in a team lies in the different qualities of each member. Leaders who identify and make use of their team member’s strongest qualities can achieve their group objectives much faster and with promised precision.

Team members will feel like they play a valuable role in the group, and therefore be inspired to continue working as effectively as possible.

Challenge the Team     

Knowledge is power and acquiring new skill can benefit the team immensely. Depending on the type of business or activity your team does, it is important for the leader to find ways to help them grow.

Setting clearly defined (realistic) goals, and adding a time frame to it, works well in some industries. Giving a team member who is normally reserved the opportunity to present to the rest of the group or lead a meeting is a challenge that can build confidence and inspire individuals to do more.

Invest in the Team

Corporate organizations often plan workshops or training for members, which help sustain personal growth in respective industries. When employees have something to give, it boosts their confidence because they feel needed. Click To Tweet This is a recipe for inevitable inspiration.

Share Ideas

Listening is a critical skill needed for leaders to be successful. For goals to be achieved, two-way communication must take place between the relevant parties. In this case, leaders need to be open to team member’s ideas and they should be able to take criticism of their leadership technique.

Encourage with Words and Rewards

Send inspirational quotes by email or leave your employee a piece of candy with a note that reads, “You’re great”. Positive gestures matter and are easy ways to increase morale. Click To Tweet

Leading a team in these dynamic times means knowing how and when to think outside of the box, how to bring the very best out of people while and being flexible enough to come to effective solutions as a team.

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Apex Window WerksIn business since 2008, Apex Window Werks is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and located in Chicago, Illinois. Apex Window Werks is a home window and door repair company with a decade of experience in providing great customer service and leading efficient teams. Visit their website for more details. They are your trustful service provider.

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2 thoughts on “6 Leadership Techniques to Inspire a Team

  1. Being a leader is a rather involved process and can require a bit of evolving on the part of the leader. Change is a great motivator! If one is able to be flexible and incorporate new methods, learn new techniques, and whole-heartedly want to pass them on to either higher-ups or those who report to you, success could- indeed- be yours.
    Just imagine what your workplace could be if there was an open forum for new ideas – with everyone taking part in the betterment of the company or organization. the two most powerful words I can think of are, “What if…” These words can really help a leader see so many possibilities for how they and their team can proceed. Those words can get the ideas flowing – just ask a Disney Imagineer!

    • Great comments Lisa, thanks. The term “leader” is thrown around too much today and is being watered-down versus what a leader was in years past. Thankfully there are still giants we all look up to.

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