6 Customer Service Facts for Every Business

...you won't be successful without them.

The world of business is fraught with a myriad of theories, quotes and snippets of information all designed to help wide-eyed junior entrepreneurs become successful.

Customer Service Facts

Then there are the wise sages who are paid handsomely to bestow others with their experience and long-held beliefs.

After all the money is spent, the seminars are attended and advice books read, what’s left?  Nothing more then real-world actionable “standards of a successful business” that are applicable to any industry.  Here are my…

6 Customer Service Facts for Every Business


I recognize that my paycheck comes from the customers who buy my product or service. ”

We are here to serve the customer and to ensure their needs, wants and desires are taken care of.  If not, they will take their business elsewhere.  When we forget that our salary is contingent upon the customer spending their money in our business we shouldn’t be surprised when we are out of a job.

I make sure that I warmly greet every customer AND fellow employee I come in contact with.”

A warm and sincere greeting sets the tone of all the interactions to come.  You can’t expect to start off a customer interaction without putting your best foot, and smile, first.  I explain more in my Customer Experience Hamburger Podcast.  Listen here.

I know I can’t win an argument with an angry customer, so I don’t argue, I just find a solution.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone but sadly, it must be discussed.  The customer may not always be right but we must allow them to think they are.  A customer is not concerned about what WE need or WHY we couldn’t do something for them.  They are only concerned about what THEY want and why you may have failed them.  That is reasonable, no?

Find out what they desire and do all you can to make it happen…and do it fast!

I never let my customers leave without asking if there is anything else I may do for them.”

A customer, especially one new to your business, may not be aware of all the products or services you provide.  Ask fact-finding questions throughout your interaction to determine their needs, then finish with one final offer of assistance.

I leave my personal problems outside my door. ”

My customers are not concerned about my problems, just their own, and how I can fix them.  A true professional is one who masks their concerns so they may address those of their customer.

I will do what is “in the best interest of my customers” and I will show this in all my actions.”

We spend untold time in meetings discussing budgets, payroll, costs of goods, marketing fees, etc.  These topics take the lion’s share of the day-to-day focus of a business.  But each meeting must end with a sincere discussion of how our decisions affect the overall customer experience.

Do you have any more “Customer Service Facts”?

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9 thoughts on “6 Customer Service Facts for Every Business

  1. “Clients do not come first, employees come first.If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson
    Having 25+ years of experience in the hospitality industry makes me yearn for management that employs this message. When you have people working for you who feel unappreciated and the style of management is to threaten them with losing their job, you will never get the level of customer service you so desire.

  2. The title of this article indicates that these are six customer service “facts” for every business. I would call these “non-negotiable” tactics and strategies that every business should consider. These are simple reminders of what every business must do.

    • You’re right Shep, they are non-negotiable and a must. Also, they are “foundational” ideas, ones to build the businesses future on. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. Hi. I have an online business with a website that has not generated any business and after 2 years, I’m still relying mostly on word-of-mouth. I have spent a lot of money on the site, but it does not make a difference. The only time I get quick customer service is when I complain. I’ve been waiting a month for the navation to be changed. I’ve already approved the plan, but nothing has been changed. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Nancy,

      Obviously, the website hosting company is not providing you with the product or service you desire. There must be additional contacts at the company hat can help you. Complain if you must, that is your right, if it is needed.

      By showing clear-cut areas where they have failed, and your correspondence on what is needed, is the first step to either getting this issue resolved or a refund of your costs.

      I has a similar situation with a website hosting company with my site. It only took a few calls to get a 100% refund and I took my business, and website hosting, somewhere else. Try it.

      Also, regardless of how well the site works, what other avenues have you tried to promote your site? Have you looked at Google Adwords of expanding your reach and scope by contacting similar vendors and possibly have a joint marketing program?

      You probably have already but use social media to promote, run a free Amazon.co “giveaway” of a product or two, add your web address to the bottom of each of your outgoing emails, etc.

      Until you fix your site’s issues you must search for other venues to broaden your scope.

      Good luck an let me know the outcome.

  4. One I could add is “Never get upset with a customer.” If this happens, you run the risk of them [customer] going away frustrated or resentful and never coming back. Worse, they will tell friends or others about the experience who will, in turn, take their business elsewhere.

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