3 Surefire Ways to be a Better Customer

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Fresh off a week’s vacation in Disney World, it’s understandable that my thoughts lead back to customer service and how Disney, or any of the leading service companies, provides the highest level of service and experience to their customer.

3 Surefire Ways

When you are so good at what you do, it seems effortless. This becomes a quality that most cannot achieve and few do.

But to those who are at this level, is their success only attributed to the efforts of the business or is there another factor to take into consideration? I believe the answer is yes!

Just as it “takes 2 to tango”, so too does it take two sides of the interaction in order to provide a great customer experience. But, many times, we as customers fail to do our part.

We believe we are entitled to “do as we wish”, since the company “needs our business”. We sometimes forget the basic courtesies of society or how our actions affect others. We are so wrapped-up in what WE WANT TO DO that we don’t realize, or care, that others have the same desires.

This is when we become a bad customer. And bad customers ruin it for others.

Once the customer modifies the experience of others the business is not in a position to provide the intended service a planned. The business then gets blamed because “they allowed” this bad behavior.

So, to ensure we assist the businesses we frequent in their efforts to provide a great guest experience, here are my 3 surefire ways to be a better customer; Disney World version.

1. Stop Texting While Walking

This has become the new norm for our society. Whether it’s while crossing the street, walking down a hallway or just being overall oblivious to those around you, having a head buried deep “into your phone” has become a way of life. There is now even a term for it called Bent Neck Syndrome (BNS).

Do we actually expect those who share the pavement with you should move out of YOUR way when you obviously are not paying attention to your surroundings?

Think of how your actions impact the other customers of the business?

2. Don’t Stop to Have a Conversation While Blocking Walkways or Aisles

We are all familiar with Disney’s master approach to retail sales by the way each major ride exit filters into a gift shop. This at times does create a traffic jam.

But what about the traffic jams caused by guests that can’t think of a better location to discuss the merits of the Haunted House ride other than 20 feet immediately outside the exit gate? Sure, this seems like a great place to congregate with our brood of 8 people. “Hey Mary, wasn’t that a cool ride, you see that ghost in the car with us?”

Oh, what do you mean the others can’t get around us? Heck, that’s not my problem; we are here to have a good time. They can walk around…

The same happens for the photo takers. We all want to take home that great photo of us in front of Cinderella’s Castle or any of the thousands of picturesque locations, so do I.

But please remember to move off to the side as soon as possible so that others can take their photo too or at least continue onto their destination.

3. Control your Children

Now, here’s where I get into trouble…

Disney is a magical place. It is understandable that wide-eyed kids get so excited in a Disney park that they can’t control themselves. So I will not speak in terms of Disney here.

But what about controlling your children while at the supermarket?

Is it so difficult to prevent your little one from running up and down the cereal aisle? Or darting past the candy section while he/she bemoans the fact that mommy won’t give in to 3 bags of candy?

Ever been at a movie with an unruly child that couldn’t stop kicking the back of your seat or being forced to listen to their incessantly bothersome talking? Why don’t parents understand that most other movie goers do not want their viewing experience ruined by this?

Ever wonder why many wedding invitations nowadays are “child-free”? Because people got tired of seeing little sock-wearing feet slide across the dancefloor during the special dance between the bride and her father.

Enough already!

In conclusion, we all expect our vacations, special dinners-out or even just a relaxing stroll-in-the-park, to refresh us from our hectic lives. But when our actions as a customer lesson the experience for others, we are at fault.

Without following a few surefire ways to be a better customer, we shouldn’t wonder why others complain about us.

Yes, you KNOW they are complaining about us…

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