3 Reasons Why I’ll Never Insult You and Install a Chatbot On My Blog

…I have too much respect for you to do that

Technology is your friend. You have an obligation to your readers to use every possible means to interact with them or, what are you afraid of? These are some of the comments I’ve received when I asked a few friends if I should put a chatbot on my blog.

Install a Chatbot On My Blog

In case you don’t know, a “chatbot” is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.

“It will increase your reader engagement”. “People will think you are actually there typing answers to them”. “It keeps readers on your blog longer, you should add one”.

Listen, being in the customer service industry all these years, and training countless employees in better and more effective ways to interact with our customers, has prevented me from trying to “stimulate conversation with human users”. What the heck does that mean?

Here are my 3 reasons why I’ll never put a chatbot on my blog.

1. Impersonal

You may be able to increase the initial interaction with a visitor to your blog or website with a seemingly innocent box that pops-up on the lower right hand side of your page asking “do you have any questions I can help you with?” or some other drivel, but how many people fall for something like that?

That’s the problem, many do. I wrote about it in a previous post where I fell for this myself.

Do people think that you or one of your minions are actually sitting at a desk just waiting for someone to click in your chatbot box and ask a question that will be immediately answered by you?

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Do you really want to fool your customer with this? What happens when your reader realizes this is only a computer program and not you? They get upset. They’re left with that same feeling as when they call someone on the phone and they hear “hello, hello…are you there?” “Ha, only kidding, I’m not here now, leave a message…”

I’ve gotten a message like this a few times and it ticks me off, really does. What about you?

2. Mechanized

Great customer service is personal, it’s adaptable and customer tailored to the individual and situation. But chatbots aren’t.

Sure, the computer program uses algorithms and keywords to “personalize the message” and provide answers based on the questions asked but it can never truly enter into a conversation focused on how a businesses’ service or product fell short or failed to live up to the advertised hype.

3. Full of Cr*p

We should strive for being known for honesty, fairness and morals second to none. One can’t go through life being praised as a “good man or women” then install a fake computer program on your site with the intent of simulating conversation with human users. That doesn’t fly with me.

As Tony Montana famously said in the movie Scarface, “You come into this world with 2 things, your word and your b*lls, and I’m not going to break them for anybody”.

Seems like good advice, no?

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6 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’ll Never Insult You and Install a Chatbot On My Blog

  1. Good perspective, Steve. I think chatbots can really help when you bill it as a really great self-help tool but yeah, don’t call it a human when it’s not.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I’m against bots mainly because I have been a “victim” of believing they were a living breathing person behind them. I knew it was too good to be true…
      Thanks my friend.

  2. People want human to human contact, at Zappos, we over staff our contact center to provide that. Honestly, no one wants to talk to a bot. every customer situation is different, we listen and cater to every customer request. We are also trained to handle every situation in one phone call, limiting transferring. We also train every employee, regardless of position in the company, to help in our contact center. Yes. Even our own CEO answers calls. That’s how dedicated we are to customer service. If we are going to be a company who “claims” to be the best in customer service then we are going to do it 10 times better than anyone else.
    if you want to learn more, take a tour of our Zappos HQ! http://www.zapposinsights.com/tours

    • Hi Ryo,

      With a dedicated and focused mindset of “customer first” the approach of Zappos is sure to please. No wonder why you are always at the top of service providers. Thanks much for your comment and for visiting my blog.

  3. Unfortunate as it is, Steve, more and more companies are going tech with chatbots and forgetting how they handled Guest service twenty years ago. Great service is its own art form, and you need to keep in practice or you get rusty! Then, when a system goes down, at least your CSRs will be able to speak articulately on the telephone to explain the situation and attempt to assuage the customers’ problems.

    • Customer service, and all its nuances, is quickly becoming a lost art. Technology has replaced the human interaction and most are willing to accept it.

      Yes, when the system goes down, what happens next? Most will never know…

      Thanks Lisa.

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