13 Powerful Job Interview Tips You Need to Know Now

The dreaded job interview, everyone hates them.  But here’s the key to having a great interview – you must show how, based on your past proven experience, you (over anyone else) can bring value to the company.  Here’s some information your next boss will want to know:

Job Interview Tips

1. Is this someone we want to work with for years to come?

2. Is this someone who can fix the problems we are having in this department?

  • If so, how?  You must explain specific situations where your experience/skills have overcome situations that have cost your previous company money, or provided poor customer service

3. Can he/she bring the same success he has shown in the past to our company?

  • Does he have an action plan that is easy to replicate?  Can he do it here?

4. What measurable benefits have you brought to your past employers?

5. What percentage of payroll did you save or revenue increased?

6. Have you raised the service scores by x percentage?

7. Are there any new SOP’s (standard operating procedures) that you developed that have become company policy?

8. Does she look at the “big picture” of the overall success of the business?

9. Will she fit in with the company culture, is she a bridge-builder?

  • Do people want to work with her?

10. What business or clients can you bring to this company?

11. Is she worth more than the salary we are willing to pay?

  • The company must feel that they are lucky to have you and getting the better end of the deal.

12. Is he a leader?

13. Can she motivate the team?

If you can show, prove, explain and document these traits and characteristics to a prospective employer you will make their hiring decision must easier.

Remember: there is no “agent” working for you during the interview.  YOU must be the one to speak on your behalf. You must be your own cheerleader.

You may feel strange touting your benefits or skills, but you’ll feel much worse walking out the door after you didn’t get the job – knowing you should have said this or that.  What do you have to lose?

Good luck.

P.S.  Do you have any job interview tips or questions that we can add to this list?

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3 thoughts on “13 Powerful Job Interview Tips You Need to Know Now

  1. I have a question, how should you handle questions about previous employment if you fired from your last job? Especially if it is a huge part of your experience and you were unjustly fired?

      • I agree the truth is always the best way to go, however ,your previous employer is who they will call for a reference,and if you were fired they obviously have a very different opinion from yours. So what do you say to convince either your former employer, or a potential employer, that you deserve consideration?

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